Becoming frustrated

I counted only 5 maxed heroes and a bunch with a little leveling here and there. I preach staying focused and maxing 1 of each color at a time. Can’t be distracted by squirrels constantly.


Addition: you can use a hero only ONE TIME in a war, for the next attack you have to choose another team. So be careful not to waste a good team on a single defence hero. That’s why having 30 levelled heroes is smart :wink: (5 per team, 6 war flags).

And if your war defence is defeated, you can still attack and use your flags. That was a question/false assumption of a newer alliance member :slight_smile:

On raid you can always use every hero you like.

I’m sorry, sometimes I read much too quickly :frowning: but I don’t want to delete this now…

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Morning, after using your excellent ideas for my teams ( with good success) another question, do the 3-2 combo work in the alliance wars? Thank you for all your advice. :+1:

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Yeah, I would concentrate on 3-2 (or 2-2-1) for most attacking things (raids/wars). I’m even doing the hard levels of Atlantis with 2-2-1, matching the weak colors for enemies and making sure Wilbur is there to survive the specials…

Of course, a lot of your enemies know you are going to do this, so will set all their tanks to the same color, so that you will run out of tankbusters in the strong color by the second half of the war…

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Indeed. As always… thanks.

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Yes, just as @mpolo said. Don’t forget to consider squad depth as you can only use a hero once.

Thanks. I did realise that. Cheers

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