Become part of the apocalypse

We enjoyed meeting your alliance in war! Good luck finding a great addition to your team!


Oh my, I can’t believe this opportunity is still around. Come join us and become part of the apocalypse!!

Oh look at the art. Don’t you want to be a part of that? Still have a slot open! It could be yours.

You guys deserve a bump up!


This may be your lucky day!! One more spot has opened up with a well established alliance - Titan Apocalypse!

We’re an active alliance fighting 9* and 10* titans. We have a good blend of strong players who flirt with the top global ranking and growing players still seeking their day in the spotlight. If you want to see a little bit about what we’re about, heck out the thread below.

It’s war against Titan Apocalypse Community Content

@LittleKAF Seems like we are fighting you guys! I will posts videos of my fights against you in this thread (unless it’s not the sort of thing that the forum accepts? ) looks like you have a slight power advantage over us. Cheers and Goodluck

We really only ask that you’re active. If you need to be gone for vacation or something, just let us know. You can reply here, reach out to me on Line (same name), or just apply.

And if you’re more down for a 7* titan, check out our other family member, Titan Dreadlords. A good place to be with an opportunity to jump up if desired. We’re a large group to share advice and encourage each other on as we grow.

One spot open we are a few days shy of Celebrating our 600 Days as an Alliance and Family
Titan Apocalypse has one rare spot open, not me ‘woofbarkwoof’ on LINE or ‘littleKAF’ in Line, our Alliance is looking for you!

Got the post war blues? We have one last spot open, waiting for you to get in before next making for war, come see why we have been an Alliance and Family for 610 Days.

We still have one last spot open, won’t last long! Come and join our family.

Hey all, we had a member move of, so we have a rare opening in Titan Apocalypse, come join us, see why we have had an awesome alliance and family going for 630 days and counting! I am on Line: woofbarkwoof or you can leave a message here. One opening, it will go fast. Join us!

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Howdy everyone. We have 2 spots open, we don’t get spots often so good time to join a long term family Alliance. We have been going 650 days non stop as an Alliance, some see why! Bonus, just got a 10 star Rare Blue (Unicorn) so good time to join! I am on Line: woofbarkwoof or you can leave a message here or just join: Titan Apocalypse

We still have a spot open. They are rare. Come check us out!

Any way of contacting you on LINE?

Yes. I’m LittleKAF on Line too. And you might be lucky, a spot opened yesterday. Please contact me.

We are once again recruiting. With some changes in rl, we have one spot open and will have another 1 or 2 soon. If interested in joining, please reach out here, on Line (Line ID LittleKAF), or just apply so someone can accept.

  • 12*/13* titans
  • use all war flags
  • promote growth and learning

This is an international group that has stayed together for a long time. Come find out why.

Still looking for some new members. We’re a competitive alliance striving to move up. Main role - participate and be active. Come see why we’ve been around for over 900 days!!!

Spot is still open. Come join us!!!

Time to post again. We’ve got some spots opening up with a few people having done rl changes. We are competitive but understand rl happens. Main desire is that everyone participated on communicates if something is up. When full, we’ve killed 14* but usually hang at 12*-13*. And we fight wars!!!

We’re nearing 1,000 days as an alliance. Come check us out. I believe we have three spots opening.

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