Because of unfair warning and 2 x final warning, I have deleted my WINNER CLUB


Have my alliance with the name SIEGERVEREIN deleted.
And all teammates expelled.
I had 111,000 alliance points.
the reason and trigger was that without any good reason I got once warning and twice final warning in global chat.
just because many players have reported me with envy.
Such unfair warnings against me have Robbed me the fun to send advertising in recruitment chat room space.
And so I was afraid to get warning again not to send more advertising to get players for my alliance.
Since then, I no longer dare to write anything in German global chat.

Thank you to the support!

I said by email that you have warned me unfairly several times.
And that I will delete my alliance.
So I will not buy anything after this incident.

This is humiliating if you are unfairly warned several times.
And repulsive.
I’m very sad about that!
Now I’m playing alone.

For over 250 days I had been building up my alliance for 24 hours.

Many Thanks!

Best regards


Sounds like someone bit off their nose to spite their face…


Please re-read this. Your title alone violates Forum Rules.

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