Beating the Nightmare Monster, Sharing Videos beating Telluria

As a Memory for this heroic players that are beating Telluria before get nerfing.
And help to this ones to encourages that they can do it.


Quite a dream team. Doubt many have access to all those.


Nice. But when you come up against her with S1 heroes only, even with those in costume like Joon and Richard you know you have a difficult battle. And if Telluria has more than 7 emblems it’s probably not worth trying

I was very lucky this time. I use Joon, Leo and G Jackal.
I always go with Albi to ride. But was so fast that it never hit.

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I am with the opinion that in game defense has a low standard compare with attack, because even the best players with 20 emblems and troops leveled to 30 can’t stay in raking raids among the first 100 for less than 1 hour offline.

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