Beating Teams 4300 TP plus - mono / 3-2 or rainbow?

Hi all,

out of curiosity I have a question regarding your opinion (I play since early 2018). As there are more and more high emblemed 5* out there, you easily can achieve a teampower of 4300 plus. But how do you beat them? Mono respectively a 3-2 stack, or a rainbow team?

What I experience is that beating those teams with a rainbow team is getting more and more difficult. It takes long to fire your heros, and in the meantime your team got decimated quite a lot (ok, bad boards are bad boards). You nearly are force to color stack or play mono to have a better chance. Is that only my experience, or are rainbow teams (attack) against 4300TP plus teams (defence) getting more and more challenging?

best bet with Mono if you got low teampower , but if you got quite high teampower , you can go with 4-1


That’s right! I use a mana bloker on purple so i put beside him another 2 purples and i win most of fight with such teams. I use a 3600TP team… so i think it’s working


2-2-1 for me. My team synergy works out best this way.


I often love to play with a risk and use a 5-mono-team including five heroes of one color (often 4s with one or two 5) but all maxed.

But beside that my most victories I earned with a 3-2-team because there are more chances for tile damages and I can use more 5* star heroes.

Nevertheless my favorite team of all was a 2-2-1-team of Zimkitha, Evelyn, Drake Fong, Zeline and a +20-Scarlett. They were on fire…hm… I have to use them more often.

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Mono teams have the greatest variance, so if you’re up-hunting, you’re more likely to succeed. Stacking colors in this game has the unexpected effect of ramping up damage non-linearly; that is, if you have two purple heroes, each purple tile does more than double the damage of having only one purple hero. This stacking effect is greatest with a mono stack. The downside is you’re exposing yourself to the risk of not getting the color you need quickly enough.

I generally use 3-2 or 4-1, with a healer in the off color. That insurance policy buys me time to get the board sorted out. 3-2 lets me bring stronger troops, too, which matters. (I’ve got three developed 4* troops in each color.) But I’m playing with 38 maxed 5*, so I’m never at a serious power deficit to the defender.


I recommend 3-1-1. I’ve been winning almost every Raid since I started to play like this :kissing_heart:

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Happy birthday!!! Wishing you a great day!

I agree to this.
3 vs tank color.
1 and 1 of your best others suited for the battle.
And, yes, using two or three 4stars work for this.
3-1-1 is bestest :stuck_out_tongue:

I have four 5stars all together, different colors, the rest I use are 4stars.
When I attack, I’ve gotten to global rank 33 using 3-1-1 with two or three 5stars and rest 4stars,
though… emblemed Proteus is a champ

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When stacking, I’ve had the best results with my ragtag heroes that can take a pounding while they wait for tiles

Takes quite a bit longer to kill, but if I drop 1-2 – it’s hard for the computer to catch up …

Just used this lineup to go 12/12 and global #1.

Victor’s very fast defense buff owns guin and kunchen tanks.
Rez, heal, cleanse, mana boost on the wings makes this 3-1-1 dark stack roll.


I thank you all very much for your feedback. Seems rainbow has hard times currently.
Note: I also raid usually mono or 3-2.

For super high team power that I know I have little hope of beating but I gotta try anyways, I risk it and go mono. Otherwise it’s 3-2 usually for me.

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I am at the point where I don’t bother going mono or 3-2. I just raid with the same team I have in my defense. It has held me in diamond since I set it up. I can press up to 2650 but it goes back down the next day still staying in diamond though.
I beat about the same amount as if I were to stack against the tank. If I happen to lose or they don’t have a rainbow squad I might swap out and put strong heroes against their colors but its really not worth it. I generally win 5/6 of my revenges or new raids. My team is just over 4100 with 4 5* and 1 4* healer(Melendor at 4+17). I have beaten teams with Guin, GM, Alby more times than I lose. Usually only a real bad board will doom you to a loss up at least in lower diamond, under 2700 cups.

Mono4Eva! - I run mono, 4/1, 3/2 or whatever I feel like gives me the best chance to take down a team, I also get a kick out of all the mono haters so that fuels me to run it more often when recording hits.

It depends on your own heroes as well as the opponents’ heroes. I have had success with any combination from rainbow to mono.

Mono is like gambling. A great starting board with the right heroes gives you a quick win against almost any opponent (unless your team is a lot weaker of course), whereas a bad starting board could result in a defeat even agains relatively easy opponents.

In alliance wars, I usually do a few mono attacks with one of the neutral colours as I don’t have enough 5* heroes or heavily emblemed 4*. In PvP, I mostly play 3/1/1 or 3/2 to have backup heroes and a much higher total TP (and because it’s more fun than mono gambling)

Agreed, team synergy is more important than color.

Alasie+7, Proteus+18, Kunchen+7, Sonya+18 (or Magni 4/50 if no dispel needed), Zim+7 is my team and I have reached top 30 just filling chests. That’s only a 4135 team until Magni is finished. Two cleansers, dispel if needed, and the snipers at the same speed can take out any opponent hero 95% of the time.

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My general go to is 3/2. My preference is 3 strong against the tank and 2 against the left flank or most threatening, however my habit is 2 against the left flank.

But I do love running mono for the thrill of it. Crap shoot for sure, but it makes for really swift battles.

This is what I use too…i generally am in 500th place or higher doing this and often in the top 100 at the end of a 6 raid string. This is starting out after an overnight decimation of my cups where I lose 350 or more cups and sit in 50,000 or lower place.

The 4 -1 and 5-0 never work out for me as it’s just too color dependent. I also always run vivica and kutchen with whatever 3 color stacks I’m using. 2 healers always works best for me.

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I used the same team I’m beating 4200 tp. Se real different teams according do the tank I’m facing. Not special dificulty to beat a 4300tp defense. This guy is almost 4400

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