Beating Guinevere?


I use jabar with Sartana and Toth as my 3 dark against guinevere I find its pretty effective I’m probanly 70% success rate and I pair 2 other colors so im 3 color team. Must put in Bold tusk If they have Zeline. And if they have 2 purples ill swap in Alasie for either joon or Delilah.


I use Tiburtus - Obakan - Vivica - Alasie - Rigard; since Alasie isn’t count, I guess I’d replace her with Magni… I use this team to beat Zero and JimMe twice (if I remember correctly) as well as other Guin-tanked top players…


My new team is Rigard X2, Sartana, LIanna, Boldtusk for a widely available team. My real team which is up at about a 90% success rate is the same but Perseus for Lianna (that heal stop is wicked against Guin) and Ares for Tusk.

My success rate with the normal team is still about 70%.


I’ve had a lot of success with Rigard, Sartana,Merlin, Caedmonn and Hansel.
Granted, 2 event heroes but still it just depends on getting enough purple tiles at the start.


Here is a video of me going up against a guinevere tank.


Last 10 fights against Guin -> 8 wins for me. Do you still think she’s the best? :blush:


Do you have another level 4.80 hero with good troops that you have a harder time killing?

The fact that she’s the best tank doesnt mean that she’s impossible, or even very hard, if you have the right team for it


Every hero with me having a bad board :wink:


Now I know you said no HOTM or event but I do beat guin with 2 yellows 1 red 1 blue 1 green but they are all HOTM event heroes Aliases, Red Hood, Rana, Greg, and Vivica Vivica is 70/3 the others are 80 but note no Purples


Ive killed her many times with no dark players and with him next toher


Easy. Sartana, Obakan, Domitia, Rigard, Quintus.


Just took out a guin tank with sartana, obakan 3/70, rigard, tiburtus and GM.

Got lucky with dark tiles tho. lol


In case there aren’t enough replies yet… :wink:

I take her on regularly with 5 purple.
I (now) use Sabina, Tiburtus, Cyprian, Sartana, Gafar.
Before Gafar, I used Balthazar…

It’s still a crapshoot, though. If I get 4 purple tiles on her before her special fires, it’s usually smooth sailing. If not, 90% chance of losing.


I’m just pleased at all the different ways there are to take her out!



Premise, I think I win against her slightly more than 50% of the times, maybe 70%, so probably not the best of strategies. However consider that I only bring 2 purple heroes, Tiburtus and Aeron (hotm, but I’m sure Sartana would work way better than him). The 2 are combined with 3 of another color, my favourite triplete being Boldtusk, Elena and Marjana, not because I like them the most but rather because I don’t have that many 5* heroes.
I’m assuming Guin is in tank position.
The board can start out in 2 different ways:

  1. many purple and red above her (pretty unlikely), in this case I just kill her straight away; notice, if there are also Zeline or Alby and you can vertically align 4 or 5 red above them they’re almost gone. This is an indirect strategy for winning against Guinevre, since if Zeline fires and you can’t dispel yourself Guin won’t die, ever; if Guin dies and Alby revives her, she will surely be full of mana and you’ll throw your phone 300m (about 1000 feet) away from you;
  2. 5-7 red and purple, maybe spread throughout the board (most cases). You can’t start immediately trying to kill Guin unless you are very lucky with chain reactions: Guin will fire before you can kill her and you’ll lose the little mana you could gather in the meanwhile. However, Guin special is not dangerous, so you can (almost) safely spam missing heroes tiles (Y, G, B in this case) above her. This way when she uses her special you don’t lose anything (you didn’t charge your heroes), and while exploding tiles you don’t need, you increase the chances of getting the tiles you need. If you can do this while arranging the red and purple tiles you get in smart patterns for small combos or diamonds, you’ll come to a point where you can kill Guin with 1 or 2 moves and after those your heroes are also charged to take down someone else thereafter. All of this should not take too many moves, or the other heroes will waste your plans, so while getting rid of YGB tiles, try to be as efficient as possible, use combos, even diamonds if they don’t charge the whole enemy party too much, and so on.

As I said this is not an always winning strategy, but it allows you to win from time to time even if your team is much weaker than the defending team (300+ team power less) and you don’t have purple snipers


Just raided someone with Guin as tank. 4/56. She was dead within 10 seconds. Used Quintus, Rigard, Sartana, Obakan and Domitia. Q, D and Obakan at 3/70, Rigard at 4/70 and Sartana at 4/66. Have it on video. Will try to post on here


Not letting me download it from my phone


Upload to YouTube, then post copy of link on here.



This a very close battle of me facing Zero. Started with bad boards.

edit: I know I’m using HOTMs and event heroes, but considering my opponent has all HOTMs and event heroes, I say its fair game.