Beating Guinevere?

Sartana x 2, Rigard, Tiburtus and Sabina. One Russian guy made top 1 with such a team. Well, he had 1 Panther… Instead could use Sartana.

With this luck on tiles at beginning (Video), everyone can beat her, every day, with every hero


Domitia, sartana, Sabina, magni, lianna. The last two aren’t as important. Having 3 sets of moderately leveled mana troops would be important. (The breakpoint math is a bit complicated).

I think this set up would be enough to take down Guin with a decent amount of luck. But once you start adding the 4 other typical HOTM/event heroes on Guin teams, winning without HOTM/event heroes on offense is very unlikely. Guin flanked by zeline and gravemaker, with alby on the edge possibly resurrecting is very hard to beat without special heroes.

A big issue is the best counter to special heroes is other special heroes. Gravemaker is an amazing pick against zeline and alby. Panther is the counter to Guin. Some 4* make passable counters, but it takes quite a bit of luck to keep them alive long enough to win.

I would love to see the win rate of 5 hotm defense teams vs 0 hotm offense teams (and 4v1, etc). I’m tempted to cup drop again because I spend so much food skipping Guin and get really frustrated with alby resurrections.

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So all it takes is a 6 combo with 10 gems and making a diamond of the strong doubled color so she never goes off? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Too many tears have been shed and too many swear words have been uttered… I just reroll :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s a reason she’s so common on top defense teams. I don’t think she needs nerfed, but I think a better solution would be buffing her counters or making a new counter that isn’t hotm/event. The domitia buff was a good start, but a little more is needed IMO.

I’m sure devs have stats on win rates and reroll rates for Guin tanks. I’d love to see those.


I think Friar Tuck between the two yellow,… Chao and Leo, but then he is a poor hero.

Otherwise, …
Little John will suffice if you change his mana speed to average and adjust his stats.
Friar Tuck will also do if you change him to 4 star and adjust his stats.

Or those two together will also do …

What is even worse than Guinevere alone, is her next to this Boss Wolf, … with BW as the tank.
I’ll flee without hesitation.

5-Holy-Guinevere 5-Dark-Boss-Wolf

I haven’t come across too many Boss Wolf tanks. I think he’d be pretty easy to take out due to his very slow mana. Do a Chao + 2 more yellows (Joon, Vivica) and you should be able to knock him out before his special goes off, and use Chao’s special to prevent Guin from firing after. Some slightly easier to get special heroes (Hansel, Gretel, Jackal) would be good too.

Totally agree with you ,… thank you for the feedback.

I’m currently working in leveling this team …
I’ll share with you the results.

The aim is not to win ,… but to have the opponent to utter every curse he learned in his entire live :drooling_face:



I just beat Zero. First try last night using this setup


:joy: I would definitely skip that to avoid frustration. Do you happen to have a gregorian? That team lacks damage, and Greg hits hard and could make some of those minions crit. Sub in for zeline. Would definitely be an interesting team to take on.


I do have Gregorian but he would not have served much purpose against Zero’s team… This was the team i used to beat his guin tank…

I tried to post to YouTube but for some reason won’t work… Here is a facebook link to the video… I hope it works!

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Sorry Jeremy, I was referring to the post before yours. Your set up looks good against Guin. Delilah and another healer is a nice touch, as they can extend the fight long enough to give you a chance to get plenty of purple tiles to take her down. Gafar is a good counter too, but a bit squishy as a 4*. You do have 3 special heroes though. Nonetheless, a solid take down.

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I usually bring my usual heavy hitters. Joon, Magni and Sartana, and then sub in Caedmon for Elkanen to deal with the healing buff. I’ll also bring a healer, usually Boldtusk instead of Delilah for Guin battles. Guin usually gets her special off once while I power up the heavy hitters and Caedmon, but usually I do OK after that. She’s tough, but definitely not invincible or anything.

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Back to topic: What “regular” card teams (no HOTM, no event heroes) would you use to beat Guin?

Have you done it? :wink:

My standard is to bring in 3 solid purples. Often for me it’s fully leveled Sartana, Merlin and Rigard.

I often have a solid chance of beating her depending on how many purple tiles I get before she fires off once or twice (If she fires twice I’m usually going to lose)

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Do you think it’s possible with two maxed purples? I don’t have Sartana… :sob:

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I guess it depends on whatever the total tile damage adds up to.

I don’t think it matters if you don’t have Sartana specifically, just as long as you have enough purple-power.


You could do it with 2, for sure. but it’s going to be dependent on the boards.

If you brought Tiburtus for the defense debuff and Sabina for the dispel, Then I’d probably try to bring Wu and/or Boldtusk or Kiril for the attack buffs. Mabe Lancelot would work too, but he’s an event hero…

Certainly another purple would improve your chances. Rigard… a second Tibs…

I haven’t tried this though, sorry.

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The thing that kind of blows about purple heroes is the tile damage, on the whole, in 4* in partcular (really only sabina who breaks easy) is poor. And the 5* heroes are very meh in terms of desire besides Sartana, who has poor tile damage (but that nasty special). Quintus, Obakan and Domitia have solid attack stats (Obakans is darn good) but no one, other than maybe Domitia, seems to get the investment.

This means that where you can usually get away with a double up on the tank, I’ve found that I have had to triple to have a good chance with a good board to get Guin. And if the Guin owner is smart, there’s two purple 5* on her flanks.

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