Beaten by an opponent very very weaker


just wondering as i just turned on the game and a guy with team strength 1977 has beaten me (3176) while i was offline, taking 49 trophies.
I had no idea that this could be possible at all, at least i never won a fight against someone whose teampower was higher than my own plus 350-400…

also i wonder how that guy manages to have over 1600 trophies with a team that low…

Can anybody tell me the trick? Or was it just his lucky day?


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You can only see their defense team, they might have hit you with a completely different team with way more power :slight_smile:

Might have still been their lucky day, but if the changes are that big I expect they’re tanking trophies by putting up a fake defense team.


Yes, probably you’re right…

I can’t see the sense behind putting up a weak defense team …shouldn’t you have best results by putting the strongest team in place you have? what is the point with that?

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You get more/lose less trophies by putting your best defense team up yeah.

Some people don’t care about trophies and put a weaker team up to drop trophies. Since raid opponents are based on trophies (or a range of trophies from your own), dropping cups means you get matched with easier opponents for your offensive team to take down.

It is essentially a way to fill their ‘raid chest’ quicker :wink:


i see. thanks for the explanation :slight_smile:


It’s because of a BAD BOARD!!! :rage: Bad boards are frustrating!

The OP is the one who got attacked by weaker team not attacking weaker team.

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Because of a good board

But I do sometimes put 1800 defense while attacking 3500 team with my 3300 attack team, so that 3500 team owner will feel like have been beaten by 1800 team :crazy_face:

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