Beat to easily in raids by under power teams

Me and a few other things my alliance members have noticed that when raided most of our losses are coming from players who’s teams are far under powered. Not to sound like a cry baby but I’ve noticed on the other side of the fence that teams that’s should be easy to beat end up being difficult whereas teams more powerful yield amazing tiles layouts and combos…I’ve tested this theory in and out and I’m now literally attacking the biggest guys I can find and wouldn’t ya know it I’m beating them…a lot…I’m wondering if there’s some type of way algorithm that was made that intentionally makes my tiles either ugly or great depending upon the fact that I’m either far more powerful or under powered…

The attacker always has an advantage. You pick your team based on a set defense. You have real intelligence while defense is AI. You should punch up - it’s the nature of the game. Keep fighting.


Also remember you can only see the players defense team. Not who they attacked you with. They could be cup droppers. That is if you are noticing on revenge attacks that is.


Keep in mind that the underpowered team that beat you may be cup droppers. Their attacking team might be much stronger than your defense team. On the other hand I am struggeling with my second account defense team…why? Well I got 2.800 only but beeing attacked by players much stronger than me because of too many mana controllers. noone with similar strengh dares to fight against me. Guess this is a typical example for a weak team but with big efforts as a defense team.

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Thing is they are scoring 35-40 cups per attack so clearly it’s a weaker team they use, an op team wouldn’t get that many cups…

Cups won/lost has nothing to do with team power and everything to do with current cup totals. If you have more than them, you’ll lose more. The bigger the gap, the greater the rewards. Which is why cup droppers can play a big part in you thinking you’ve been beaten by a weaker team.


Its the nature of the game that make it fascinating. Higher power team does not necessary stronger. I frequently won against a much stronger team of up to 39xx power with my mere 33xx team.
What attract me to attack the higher power team was the cups gain. I have nothing to lose when it was 45/15 or something in the range.
During the raid chest, my cup could go as high as 21xx. It goes down to 19xx overnight…lol.

As @fridgie mentioned…they loose cups by cup dropping, hence they get many cups by winning even against lower opponents with stronger offense team

Use it for your own advantage and also attack higher powered teams.

And colour stacking can make a huge difference, too. I often take down 4000+ teams with less than 3500 power just by using a 3 - 2 combo.


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