BEAT ME - ultimate team!

I take, Caitlin, Chakk, Ludwig, Xnolphod, Professor Lidenbrock. And hope I get enough purple tiles to fire my squidward before yours.

Edit: I accidently replied to the wrong post and I can’t change it. Oh well

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I would bring Derrick for his strong snipe, Sharan for her big heal, and 3 emblemed Sigruns to stack strong color against the tank. I don’t see what could go wrong.

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They certanly stand a chance, until one of defense heroes returns a slash attack :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sigrunn is very tanky with 208 defense and 381 HP. And with 183 attack, I should be able to kill the tank in only 3,463 tiles and finish off the rest of the team with her OP 275% snipe at fast speed.

What cups does this maintain and what’s your defense win rate?

Oh, would love to have such team :slight_smile: Only have C. Alberich and Odin.
Will make an exception and pull during Villans if Isrod and/ or Toxi jumps to my wagon :slight_smile:

I normally hang around 2500-2800 cup range and usually play 2 winged Baldurs and experiment defenses with them :slight_smile:

If I get Isrod, I will go for a similar defense of C. Alby - Odin - Isrod - Missandra - some heavy dark dmg dealer :slight_smile:

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I’m using similar team. Instead of alby using toxicandra. I don’t have xnolphod.

I usually stay in between 2600-2700 cups daily. Cannot compare to Christmas hero’s meta but still a good synergy.

Opponent raid team.

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I think you did a great combination of having Milena and Toxicandra as flanks for your defense team. Both can support Isrod with extra survivability. Only question is, if at flank, Milena might be too easy to set of at first charge for attacker… would have to test.

Having a reviver in such format would improve your situation even more, since there can be soo much reviving with mana gain, which usually isnt common for revivers to enjoy :slight_smile: Usually they get one chance to save team or fail miserably :slight_smile:

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I’m leveling my MN costume now. I need to see how to set up my defence once I level MN, pengi and wolfgang.

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By the way, how does Lord Loki handle special skills of ninjas and wizards? What level of charge does he simulate when targeting them? Does he simulate the level of charge they have at the moment he uses his skill? Or does he always replicate max charge?

Yes, its same as current charge :slight_smile:


That makes it very tricky to get the best out of their skills… might very well turn against you if you allow them to get to max charge…

He will copy whatever the charge the ninja is at

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