BEAT ME - ultimate team!

from left to right :

Alberich ( C. bonus) - Xnolphod - Isrod - Odin - Milena

Can you recognize their synergy?
Everyone generates mana for their teammates :slight_smile:

Mana Buffs :

  • Mana gain per round ( Alberich)
  • Mana regen buff ( Odin)
  • Mana gain per hit ( Isrod)
  • Instant mana (Xnolphod)
  • Instant mana 2 ( Milena 2nd charge)

Other buffs :
Hp regen ( Alberich)
Instant heal ( Xnolphod , Milena 1st charge)
Revive (Alberich)
Counter attacks (Isrod)
Cleanse ( Milena)

Ailments :
Mana debuff black (Xnolphod)
Dispell ( Milena)

Reverse classic formation, so Isrod can take a bit more dmg, and Albi and Milena will more easily get some tiles early :slight_smile:

Problem with this team is, they are constantly firing and every round is even faster than one before. Your only goal should be to clear Alberich first to break the cycle, otherwise he has mana next turn ready to revive all the harm you did :slight_smile:


I would gladly try attacking this team, i would probably bring Onatel, Hatter and/or C. Sabina, and lets see how it works.


I see what you did there :eyes:

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Kunch, Frida, Alfrik, Lepus, Shesh. :blush:

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Hatter is a good pick, I thought about that, same as onatel to stop some mana generate.

I figured both can be dealt, since there is soo much mana flowing, they will just get new buffs next round again :slight_smile:

C. Sabina can be a problem. Luckily, Xnolphod harms her a bit but debuffing mana gain and giving insta mana, same as Milena.

And if all fails, Alberich can revive heroes who couldnt get buffs :slight_smile:

This team is very quick as soon as one of them fires, but what you mean with Milena and instant mana?

She herself is not giving any mana to anyone…

maybe you mean this 50 % chance?

Edit: Got it now, but it soundes in your OP that Milena gives that mana instantly when firing second charge :slight_smile:

I would try my mono blue team

CKiril - Frida - Master Lepus - Milena - Misandra
usually has about 85 % win rate this team if I can get blue stones…

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What about Alfrike? That much mana gain is a hinderance if you only attack yourself.

I’m using Isrod, milena in my defence and also using toxicandra. I can say defence is really working well. I see more wins then losses everyday.


Can you elaborate please? Didnt quite get it

Great to hear! :slight_smile:

If you have a spare Odin and some heavy dmg dealer in dark colour, you can basically achieve very similar defense team :slight_smile:

I don’t have Odin but I have wolfgang waiting for darts to level him. Currently using Devana. Purple I’m using kilhare.

I believe a combo of Miki & Krampus + 3 other heroes is enough of a counter for me.

Doesn’t matter how much mana you’re generating if you’re silenced :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Definitely not ultimate team.

Sorry but this team wouldn’t particularly frighten me off attacking it.

For both wings it is in the slow stage for them to get to mana boosting.

Take out Isrod and Odin. Ghost tiles. Win.


Wolfgang will fit nicely :slight_smile:

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Hah, I have a weapon for your dirty tricks, albeit only one!

Milena can cleanse for Miki and dispell for Krampus :smiley:

Miki is bigger problem though, since with Krampus, he will soak alot of dmg, but we will be firing same portion pretty soon :slight_smile:

Can you please elaborate why? :slight_smile:

Well, to take fast Isrod and Odin, you still need a pretty good board to do that.

Xnolphod remains to set Alberich and Milena going, and possibly revived guys :slight_smile:

There’s no question it’s a great team. But every team can be beat. I take xnolphod, Dr moreu, Hannah, onyx and sergi. Most teams are easy. Sometimes I throw alfrike in. But rarely. 6 tile and onyx Hannah, onyx, and Sergei have there special.

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Alfrike’s targets do mindless attack once the mana bar is full, with a ton of mana buffs the bar will fill faster that means if Alfrike hits your team while ypu have your buffs your heroes keep mindless attacking each other for 3 turns straight.