Bear Knuckles (14 members) looking for Merger

North American alliance Bear Knuckles is looking for other small alliance for merger. We are not hard kore, purely just enjoy the game, we participate in wars and down titans but also get that life is much more important than this or any game. It’s all about balance and respecting each other. We’re a strong group looking to continue this game with a larger compliment. Merger or mass influxes of folks welcome :). I will be watching this thread throughout the next few days to see if anyone is interested. We can chat here or if you want, join us for a conversation. Thank you for your kind consideration. - [Phlix]


I am from Wadsquad, currently we have around 12 active players. Half of us with team power 4000+,

Looking for merger as well, but facing conflicts that some player refuse to leave,

Any possible that your members join to our alliance?

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Hep Poh! I’d want to do whats most beneficial for everyone. BK folks are very laid back about this. They are at a place where they could take it or leave it. We’re happy but I also think we could do so much more. Have you taken a look at our alliance? This would be an all or nothing thing. We all go or none of us go. So we’d have to coordinate and figure out beforehand the process and of course make sure our outlook on the game is similar. All this said we’re interested! Let’s chat here more. We aren’t all 4ks (minimum is mid 2k) but we all want to be together. Is that possible.?

Hi phlix, I didn’t care about tp, most important is enjoy the game. Real life comes first :slight_smile:
We just have the only requirement that minimum 3 hits on titans and all flags in war (if you join in war)
Your allies just fit with mine, I can take all 13 members :slight_smile:

Hey Pklix.

I believe we would be a good combination. We have restructured and split into two alliances
We currently have 13 members in Canadian Nights
TP between 3400 and 4200
If your interested in joining us… check us out

I have an alliance of 14 if you would like to merge into them. They are a smaller sister alliance to Titans Rage…all active. May consider leader change if your leader would want to continue leader Role. Name of alliance is Titans Cry. Line me at leerose3 if interested

@Phlix. Still looking ??

Hey Phlix,

My team is looking to grow. Currently mix of 3k-4K. Taking out up to 6 star titans but need more members for higher levels. We are a no fuss group. Active but understand life happens first. We all just enjoy the game. We do use all titan flags unless the group decides it’s pointless to do so, we use all war flags always or opt out. We are a group of 11 and would be more than happy to take your team in if you would like. Check us out if you are still interested

War & Pieces.

Thanks for the consideration.

Looks like the group agrees to go with you all. How did you want to make this happen? I can post a list of folks? When can we start? I will remain in BK until the last of us are moved. That sound ok?

Just search our alliance “Wadsquad” and apply

I have all your members list,
Cristobal the Elf
3 toes
Ole dad

Total 13, I will reserve rooms for all your members

Looking forward for our merge!

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On our way! I think this will be a great super alliance! See y’all soon!

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