Bear banner and Brienne do not stack? - [Solved - Not a bugs]

My understanding is that if buffs have different icons, they should stack. But a general attack bonus does not stack with berserk!

These happened at 4:17 pm Pacific on Friday September 13.

The icon from a bear banner was replaced by Brienne’s berserk even though they are different. And the bonuses likewise did not stack.

What is the actual rule on when abilities stack?

Beserker and regular Attack boost are treated as the same buff, despite having different symbols. I think it and elemental links are the main exceptions to the “same symbol rule.”

There are a few hero-specific ones like Cheshire Cat but they are rarely seen.


Yes, it does not stack.

You can see here detail info about Overwritten status effect:

CCat does not have any attack status effect.
CCat does normal/standar defdown (just like grimm, wilbur, valen, etc), but only applied to opponent yellow only.


That was on his last question about abilities stacking in general

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Thank you. Is there a general rule or do you just memorize the exceptions?

For attack buff, all rewritable, except only 4 heroes: Wu Kong, Ranvir, Miki and Tarlak.

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Usually it’s opposite status effects. For e.g. Boldtusk attack up buff overwrites Scartletts attack down ailment, and vice versa if used in reverse.

Aside from those it’s exceptions. Usually the reason for them seems to be for the sake of game balance. Brienne not stacking with most other attack buffs or ailments is one example of that. Another example is Athena not stacking with regular defense reduction ailments.

I created the topic that Jinbatsu linked so I wouldn’t have to memorize them myself haha :slight_smile: the fourth column (Overwritten) shows the status effects that will overwrite it.

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