Be muted on global chat

I’ve been muted from global chat for 6 days. Would like to know what this is all about. See people recruiting in ALL the chat rooms. Have never read anywhere where this isn’t allowed. I don’t consider it spamming as I don’t repeat it every minute. Please explain

It’s not allowed. Thing is, people generally don’t report. You’ve been reported and, probably, by reviewing your message history, they found out you probably were most interacting with chat by spamming recruitment ads, not necessarily every minute. When you get back, use only recruitment room to recruit. And while you’re muted, do as I always do, report everyone that’s spamming. That will teach them.

As I see it placing an add for people to join an alliance once every 4 or 5 minutes is not spamming a chat room along with the fact that not all players go into Alliance Recruitment Chat. This makes it rather difficult to find players limiting recruiting to only one chatroom. This being the case then why is it allowed to chat in Alliance Recruitment chat? Should it not be only recruiting ads and nothing else

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If recruitment like hell in general stopped, people wanting alliances would go to the right place.

Honestly, I disdain ads. So I block (not report) any users that post ads in a room not labelled ‘Alliance Recruiting’. If I wanted to be recruited for a new alliance, I would inquire in there or I would check the ‘Recruiting’ forum on this site.

Will I miss out on opportunities? Maybe. Will I block someone I might want to talk to later in the game? Maybe. However, I can live with those possibilities because it makes chat much more enjoyable for me. :slight_smile:

I have watched the recruiting room, and I understand why ads spill over into other rooms. However, there has to be a better solution than just accepting the overflow. Perhaps SG could make visiting the ‘Alliance Recruiting’ chatroom part of the tutorial? Maybe it was and I forgot. Or would it be possible to have an in-game link to these forums under the settings? That way less ads appear and more posts in the recruiting forums come to pass.

Anyways, good luck in your recruiting and I hope your muted status does not last too long. I might have already blocked you, but I wish you the best in your endeavors.

PS. I will not get the new AOL app.

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I report because they must learn. If you block, they keep spamming and never get the warning. If you report, they’ll get to be muted for a while and then they’ll learn they’re wrong.

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just because everyone does it it does not make this violation valid.
The fact that everyone drives faster on the streets as they are allowed to, does also not prevent you to get a ticket from the Police, right?

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If that be the case my supposed spamming by unsaid person for recruiting in improper chat room then why mute in ALL chatrooms. Leaving only Recruiting Chatroom available would serve its purpose as that is what I was doing trying to recruit for my alliance

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Because it is a Violation that has to be punished somehow. Gues devs think this is the best way to change your mind…

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Then perhaps the Devs should be looking at and watching the chat rooms themselves to see personally what is going on. They limit recruiting to 1 single chat room but anything goes in all the rest including recruiting chat room. If they’re going to limit the one then they should limit all

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They are not watching them selves as this would mean to pay too many people just watching the chats. That’s what the button is for. They want the cummunity to check this matter…I know you think this is not fair but I had no problem to recruit in the right chat and having “bla bla” in another. Switching the chats is too easy :wink:

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I think it’s ironic that you are upset that you got suspended for spamming, and you are running an ad for AOL mail right in your signature file and spamming the message board. :slight_smile:


No kidding…what the h*ll is up with the AOL app ad? Gotta love the defense of ‘well, everybody else is doing it’…I thought we all learned the futility of that lame excuse in oh, say, second grade. Funny stuff. :wink:

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