Be careful what you wish for

I asked Santa for

a purple 5* not named Quintus.

… I guess I wasn’t specific enough… :cry::rofl::rofl::joy::sweat_smile:


Lol u must make it clear, Sartana please :smile:


If i tell you that Quintus has a more badass class then him right now i don’t make you feel better, i suppose :face_with_monocle:


I hope they balance all the crap 5* with good classes to even everyone out a bit more.

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Well E&P Santa looks a little soused to me…so close maybe the best you get.

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whats so bad about Obakan? He looks pretty solid… fast has a nice counter attack and hits sorta kinda hard wouldn’t he make a decent tank? I mean personally I don’t care for Sartana. She just feels kinda meh … sure she hits pretty hard but… thats easy enough to avoid.


It’s all a matter of perspective I guess.

He’s not bad really if you have no purple 5* but he’s sub par compared to other 5*

Sartana has better Def stats than him

Lol this is like hinting that you want Lianna and not Elk but getting Kadilen out of it lol


So… I have 17 tabards, six Damascus blades, 7 scopes, 13 tonics and have yet to max a purple or green five star.

Should I invoke @Gryphonknight’s no regrets policy as recently cited by @Kerridoc and bring Obakan home? :joy:

I have 4 TC20s running. Hard to believe I have all the mats but no luck with green pulls after well over a year+

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The noregrets rule is what I usually follow.

While we all should hope that underperforming heroes would be properly empowered (in the next version) I found that Obakan is pretty solid for quests and S2.

While he isn’t the best purple, with a good middle positioning, he can draw the fire of foe’s special skill, possibly killing them.
He is a Kamikaze and nothing more (for now) but at least he have a nice attack score.

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On my alt I did ascend Obakan in a similar situation. Recently added Domitia. Sure, not the greatest heroes, but you play with the cards you’re dealt.

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