Be a Regular Hero 🤹 - guide for Regular Forum Users

Although, a genuine question - why do we get more flags than likes? Actually, do we get more flags than likes?

I’ve never had a reminder “sorry you’re out of flags”. @zephyr1 or @rook maybe you know the answer - I’m just curious :thinking:.

Flags are good.
Once I accidentally merged a 5 star hero into another hero.
Can’t tell you how stupid I felt.
I wish they give me flags…

  • Look, ma, I’m stupid but I’m flashing…

I’m not aware of any limit on the number of flags tied to Trust Level, other than TL0 being prohibited from submitting flags.

Someone who abused the flagging feature could have the ability revoked, but as far as I know, once someone has hit TL1 and is able to submit flags, so long as they’re doing so productively, there’s no limit.


Thanks @zephyr1… Unlimited flags, yet limited likes - :woman_shrugging: :thinking:?


Testing Time!!!

goes on flagging rampage


So you’re the one that shut down Final blow to TC20 heroes

Lol no… I never flagged anything in that thread :stuck_out_tongue: That thread got temporarily shut-down due to the number of insults being thrown around.

I was being sarcastic haha. Besides, that thread is back up and running


What is rolling basis?

On day 101, those read on day 1 don’t count.

On day 102, those read on day 2 don’t count

Get it?


As an fyi, you are short on topics viewed and posts read. You’re at about 70-80% of the requirement of 500 and 20,000, respectively.


Those posts, are they have to be posts that were posted within 100 days too or older posts are okay as long as I read it within 100 days? Thx

You’ve been busy tonight. I see a change in those numbers already. Older posts are okay.

There requirement for topics viewed in the last 100 days is 25% capped at 500. For this forum, we hit the cap. As of now, you are at 416/500 topics viewed last 100 days.

For posts, it’s similar. The requirement is 25% capped at 20k and again, this forum hits the cap. As of now, you are at 18,787/20000 posts read on the last 100 days.


Maybe I should visit alliance recruitment category as I rarely visit them…

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Have you browsed the fan fiction library?


What reqiurement I am still lacking to regain my lost regular badge back?

You hit it. I think now it’s just a waiting game for the software to update. Wear it proudly!


It seems it has to be posts/topic created within the last 100 days…

Anyway, I regain my lost badge back (by playing the counting game :rofl:). Thx


I just looked at discourse site. Jonah is correct. I was wrong. Last 100 days.


@FearFury - to get regular

You need to read about four times as many posts as you currently do!

Your discipline record is excellent though


Sneaky question, do I have to read them, or just open them, cause there are many stupid topics being created lol

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