Be a part of The Legacy

Legacy of the Phoenix is seeking a few committed individuals to help fill out our roster. We have members in Israel, the US, and Australia. We’d like to get back to our 8* titans and see if we can take down another 9* (or better), but it’s rough with only 16 people.

We’re not worried about levels (our lowest member is at 30), and the 1800 cup requirement is flexible. We do expect at least three hits on each titan and don’t have a minimum damage threshold. We have a variable war strategy due to the time zone difference, but all six war flags must be used if opted in.

We like to have fun and we treat each other like a loose-knit family. In-game chat is encouraged but not required. LINE is highly recommended for all members and required for co-leaders.

If this sounds like your new home, drop a LINE message to brixenivy or kimmig2000.

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