BDC looking for one, two.. and you!

:warning:Blitzkrieg Demo Crew :warning: is a newly reconstructed alliance of long term members seeking players to help us return to 195k alliance and beyond.

We are looking for active players with +3600 tp, 2200 cups, willing to use Line. We also require you to be active and participate in all wars and Titans, which also includes using all flags. **

We have a proven strategy for wars, and on LINE we have a vast informational database of all the nerdy knowledge you could ever ask for… but would love some new people to add to our library.

If you are interested in being a part of BDC but are not up to the requirements ( yet ) we have a wonderful sister alliance called :children_crossing: Blitzkrieg Wrecking Crew :children_crossing: which is currently accepting players with 800 cups and up.

Please send all inquiries to Liliana on line - liliannaemp

Thanks! and we look forward to fighting with you :blush:

We take the game but not ourselves seriously :woozy_face:. Come check us out while we try not to kill our baby titans too quickly and be ready to smash it with us when the 10s start rolling in.

Bump bump … . I feel like Im going to suffer from seizures if I stay in Global much longer.


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