BAuchan VS Ei-Dunn

Wich is better? I don’t have the room for 2 more red 3’s Their stats are close.
i like Bauchan more. I believe he is better suited for offense, maybe ok on def, because of the increased mana. He’s on the 3th ascent.
Dunn has a little better def, health bur doesn’t increase mana. Just pulled him.
I allready have a full team of reds 3*'s .
Hawkmoon + another costumed, Azar, Namahage, Rudolph and Nashgar maxed.
I’d like to see your thoughts about these guys.
Have fun

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I’m also curious…

Maybe both for lots of control

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If you don’t have room. I’d say go with Bauchan as down the line your probably gonna get more ei-Dunn when you pull for S3. So when do you have room you can level one.


I am keeping both around for now.

I haven’t used ei-dunn yet so the jury is out.

Bauchan is pretty solid


I quite like both together… Slow the enemy, speed yourself up.

Keep both!

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seriously, they will pair great for some of the 3* Tourneys…paired with 3 Naghahamamananahha, Rudolph, and/or Rabbit and boom. I know they said they don’t have room, but I would make room.


I have two Rudy and two Nama… It’s not worth munching them, but I would use Bauch and Ei with them and leave one out…

You will probably still use the fourth in the Challenge events where you want more firepower

Exactly… It’s definitely nice to have them all :ok_hand:

Working on my 3* blue team now, but definitely have 1 Ei-Dunn locked down

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I’ve been working more on 4/5* lately…

Will get back to 3* at some point… Second Bjorn is definitely getting done, second Gunnar too (to be able to use one costume and one not)

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My 3*'s are done, 5 of each element plus healers and their costume when i get them, all maxed + 1 emblem to activate their talents. No dups(except healers), i like variety.
I only level new heroes like Bauchan if i can improve the team, sometime i will sacrifice one of the earlier ones to make room for better.
Have fun.

Space is cheap. Keep them both.


lol and finished my blue team just in time

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Could do with a couple more, but what I’ve got will do…
Don’t like average flanks but needs balance - going with: Bjorn, Nordri, Gunnar, Gato, Pixie

It’ll do, 3* tourneys aren’t my favourite anyway :joy:

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It cheap to a point and then how does one organize 150-200 hero’s

Say keep both is a none answer. Based on the initial question it appears the writer might already have leveled Barchan(which in my hand makes a nice tank) She is interesting but If one does NOT run a 3* mono but say a 2-2-1 or 3-2, the one has to choose. With a blue center or absent blue==> fighting usually two reds. this mean what does one pair with Hawkmoon? Bauchan? Ei-Dunn? Nashgar? or Jahangir(which we all have)?

The the other question if your healer is not Hawkmoon, then what is the most deadly twosome or threesome assuming one already has Barchan?

You want both, actually you want TWO Ei-dunns. Bauchan + 2x Ei-dunn is pretty much the only reason why I still stand a chance against full +20 teams in this week’s tourney when not a single one of my 3* have emblems on them (well as much as the board will allow me to win anyway).

Ei-dunn actually hits pretty hard, and dunno if you’ve noticed, but it’s a flat 220% damage to 3, not 220% and “minor damage to nearby”.

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Ei-dunn is RED a bit improved version of Chochin

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