Battling invisible monsters & troops not doing correct damage

1-Raids & War: I’ve been getting beat in raids and war by teams way less than me By over 500pts less than me. sure that’s normal maybe. However their troops are way more powerful than mine even though mine are way higher.
Example: As soon as the battle starts and before any specials or talents can be activated Their Red 3Troop level 15 & 3 Red Troop level 1 are more powerful than my Red 4* Level 18 & Red 4* Level 15 troops- even when they get a lot of red tiles hitting them at once. And my specials aren’t doing the full amount of damage they should be doing.

2-I’m battling invisible monsters in Providences. Is anyone else having this issue ? I don’t want to bother them with a ticket if it’s a known issue.

Example photos below

Same here and titan attacking as well I’m a 3900 team and don’t matter if I use nothing but diamonds and specials I still end up with a 1600 attack score or 2200 … sure normal at times but not all the time. There are people I’m with who are way lower attacking the titan with better results

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so is anyone else battling invisible monsters in providences or is that just me?

I believe sartana has an error with her french description as the damage for the poison on the French version reads out as a percentage

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