Battling in raids

Nowdays its impossible to win raids and get to the top 100 global rank. Instead of the opponent having 2 turns, make it 3 turns that way its more fair to win. Especially these mana reducer heroes makes the game harder to win. In order to have better defense, i gotta have the mana reducer heroes but no luck getting them. Can i just buy the character.

First of all, the attacker has all the advantages in raids. You should read the thread Raids are unfair, but not for the reasons you think

Besides, just by a great curiosity, with what exactly help you being in top 100? I hope you are aware; that one is the top 100 trophies, not the top 100 best players. Anyway, good luck!


I was referring to being top 100 best players. Tell me was team is good against heroes such as Guinevere, kunchen. These are examples of why these heroes never die that easily that really annoy me so much. I wanted these heroes but i can never get them. Its best we just buy it to make it better instead of trying to get lucky getting them.

There is no such thing in this game, as top 100 best players. And as long as you consider Guin and Kunchen never die, you wouldn’t qualify in such top, even should have existed. For one, I love fighting passive tanks as Guin, Kunchen and Aegir. Well, this is all I had to say and I wish you good luck in summoning :slight_smile:


What do you gain from being “Top 100” other than (very) short-term bragging rights? There’s no real incentive, as long as you open your chest in diamond that’s as good as you can get out of raiding.

On a good day I can be top 2000 :laughing: but even I don’t dread Guin. It’s usually her supporting cast that get you.


I’ve beat these guys with 4* teams out of boredom. Maybe the problem isn’t raiding, it’s your strategy. I think you could probably raid more efficiently and make top 100 most every day at some point as well.

What teams do you use and what is your win rate?

Emblemed Gretel, Hansel, Cat, Merlin perhaps? Just curious

Against guin, Proteus +20, Merlin, Rigard, and two for the flanks (so it can be anyone).

Kunchen is slightly tougher, but Gretel, Li Xiu, Wu (gotta boost offense) and 2 for the flanks.

There is no such thing as best hero or best player in this game. Everyone with the aspiration and decent collection of heroes can be at the top. Just a matter of time…and patience.
The board play probably decide the rest.

Top 100 is easy. I crack top 100 every day where I feel like using all my raid flags. What’s tough is #1. Because when you get up there in cups, you can only win 15 or lose 50 and you will need to go on quite a win streak, additionally people are attacking you while you are online. Top 100 easy, #1 difficult.
I made it to 2nd yesterday.

Why do you make it sound like everything is so easy. So what teams do you use to go against strong passive heroes like aegir, kunchen, guin in the same team. I hate when people act so cocky. People kept saying you need strategies, list me what strategies is there. If i ain’t got the heroes what is needed in the team then how the hell am i suppose to get them.

There was a link earlier in the thread to some raiding tips. Any of those heroes can be bested by a well constructed team of TC20 4* heroes and careful tile play. The key is the well constructed part. Don’t just look at stars or team power. Choose heroes whose specials complement each other.

For example, against Guin, with a GM flank, stack Tiburtus to drop defense, Cyprian to reflect GM’s attacks back, and Rigard for the cleanse and heal. Add in Sonya to dispel Guin’s buffs and Kiril for the attack and defense buffs (which stack with Tibs).


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