Battles still unfairly matched

I did a video capture to show just how unfairly matched the teams are but it wont let me upload a video!!! Anyone know how to show video clips?!

I upload my videos to Youtube and paste the link into my post. The link turns into the embedded video.

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Yes I agree raids and war are no fair
There is no way weaker hero’s should beat maxed out five star hero’s also wars are in the favor of your enemy there is no need to give them power boost they are cheap, if your hero’s are stronger deal with it. Please fix the raids and war your game is so close to a five star game in my opinion these issues make four star maybe three if the battles are to cheap. Fix this part of the game, it took me a year to max out a five star hero don’t let me get beat by cheapness


I totally agree! The system has issues. I have been on a 12 loss streak no matter the difference is higher or lower. I have watched a hero with 1100 be taken out by an opponent with a max delt/dealing 0f 428. How does that even happen? Also, I can change my healing heros and I will not receive those colors. Lastly, the color/jem/stone will be lined up so no combos or special stones are given. I can only do one move for a 3 color combination one at a time. This sucks! Now I have to find the area about purchases… why do i waste time and money!!!

Hello i have had this issue hsppen many times where you get no gems except for single sets at a time going nowhere and my mana never increases, plus tge other side of that whilst your going nowhere the opponents mana increases with every shot you make and they get to you down in single hits or even take out 2 to 3 or more hores in single shots and when these things come from far weaker teams it sucks because it makes no sense that 2 same heros on opposite teams destroys yours in a single shot when your hero is double the power/strength than your one.

The reroll also many times only provides 500 to 800 plus stronger power than mine very often forcing continuous rerolls when I’m constantly told there is a suppose to be a 300 each way leway.

This is what I found and worked out.

  1. it only does that when I am high in cups because as soon as I get back down below a certian amount I start winning again.
    OK I have accepted this since I found out (read somewhere) that the game is level restricted and that level restriction is also controlled by what your team power is at, so both combined work towards weather your going to lose or win based on the tiles that you will get during a game.
    Sometimes I win matches when replaying them, which is another part that is very misleading because a weaker team will destroy you in single shots in one game and that same team be totally powerless in the next rematch.
    So yes even though we are told about it or no will admit it the game is largely controlled behind the sceens by more factors than just our own heros strengths.

Then there is the other side of that where I also beat stronger teams. It also wouldn’t surprise me if those spending money on the game get greater advantages when it comes tiles than free players as it couldn’t be seen to have free players continuously beating paying players and reaching top positions in the game, but I would like to believe that this isn’t the case.

Please not although I am agreeing with you that these things do happen and I have also placed a couple of clips on youtube showing this I am in no way posting this as a complaint but instead to reassure you your not alone.

I have come to accept this knowing that as my heros and levels rise up the system will let me pass (so to speak) through to the next stages of the game as it’s done up till now.

Having said that I’d like to say I have a yearly VIP pass which should place me in the paying peoples class but for reason that’s still concidered free play. I read heaps of posts on forums both here and the many others found online about this game and the issues are the same all over no matter where you go and the responses are also the same repetitive answers basically saying grin and bare it or piss off, so if your playing this just for fun then do just that and forget trying to reach the top faster than what the system will allow you OR if you feel you have something to prove when playing a game and reaching the top of the leaderboard means more to you than having fun then go ahead and spend the hundreds of dollars a month the games wants you to spend and you will succeed getting there.

The game has tons of faults and it boils down to devs and the decision makers capabilities which although great grsphics and concept wise us very lacking in understanding both common people and business sense and logic.

As I said grin and bare and have fun.

Just a quick add on note here to the above, if the devs are supposedly working on a season 2 then I can tell you kniw that it’s just a waste of time complaining about issues going on here as this season would not even be worried about anymore unless cliches happen that stop the game from working.

Think of it like a phone upgrade, once the new model is out the last model only gets the fireware it needs to keep it running but will cease on getting actual new upgrades.

They have to make money on this new season coming so the goal would to put everything into the new season and making it so interesting and providing better heros that when it comes out you will be so intrigued by it and want it badly enough that you will spend money to get them just to be able to compete in the new stages to come. So don’t give yourself headaches over something they don’t even worry about anymore.

Although I am FTP and have been playing for only about a good 100 days I have to agree with NPNKY.

This game has a learning curve and if you use your resources wisely you can be quite sucessfull in raiding.

For me that translates being 7 wins away from 750 won raids, which is worth 30 gems when I finally make it. :smile:
I am doing this with 3 4* 60 Heros ( Chao, Kiril and Little John ) and an almost full 3* 50 hero bench. The team strength is around 2720.

I am somewhere between 1200 and 1450 cups and dont expect to get much higher until one of my 2 TC 13 camps finally delivers.
I have been waiting for about 6 weeks now so I am not holding my breath…….

As an example hero positioning and color is very important for defense teams.

I beat a lot of teams because they have a weak center or because they have 2 or 3 heros of the same color side by side. Lot of other factors concerning your and your opponents heros are also important.

So yes there seem to be more match up’s against higher rated teams but thats because the system seems to pair after cups and not team strength in raids.

I dont believe that the tiles are stacked against or for you.

Sometimes the RNG loves you sometimes it hates you. If you play it well it should love you more often than it hates you. :slight_smile:

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Exactly this. :+1:

Aside from the phenomenon of cup dropping, cups are a general measure of a player’s effectiveness at raid offense and defense. So generally the more cups a player has, the more effective their raid strategies are, so the more difficult they should be to defeat. Team power is only one aspect of raid effectiveness.

Again I just watched a 400 take out a 900 how can this be?

Because the team power is not nearly as important as team synergy and player skill

So how is matching someone with an opponent with a strength nearly 1,000 points higher even remotely reasonable?

They’re dropping cups.

Raid matching is based on cups, not team power.

You will always be matched with someone from 300 cups less than you to 300 cups more than you.

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Although I understand how the system works and why qnd have read many posts on this matter, I have admit and agree that there needs to a much happier/fairer matching system created as this one just doesn’t cut it.


  1. Most players if not 95% Would base their raid opponents on team power and heros not cups. Cups are only a reward not a game indication of either having a good team or know good game strategies and the prove is in exactly what you stated @NPNKY that players drop cups which indicates players with strong and even overly strong teams can drop cups as a means to attack far lower powered opponents to aquire resources as well as increase their win rate.

This can only be seen as unfair

  1. Based on the current systems ascension item availability rate players are stuck not being able to increase the power of their team anymore but instead use that time to learn strategies. When every opponent that the system brings up has all there heros fully maxed and are something like 500 plus in power stronger and your firced to be stuck with heros that can’t have final ascensions done through no fault of your own because the game has decided that it will/can/might be months before you can get what need then that player is going to be PISSED.

Now I’m a fair person and always look at all sides of every situation before making a judgment, it’s what I do in real life for a living thus carries over to everything I do.

SO here is another example of how the system is unfair but I would also goes as far as saying totally wrongly adjusted/setup.
Lets start from 600 cups up!

Your working your way up rerolling and you get opponent’s that are either higher ir lower in power that you are, GREAT working well, I get choices and get the opportunity to try my luck on much stronger teams if I want.

1200 CUPS!

WOW Already start to see a difference in the type of teams that keep being rerolled and the lower powered team to yourself start to become less frequent but the higher powered team scale has increaded by at least 500 so instead of finding opponents with team powers acceptable for battle your selection has diminished. Even though annoying you can still get by without to much frustration.

1300 Cups!

WOW! NOW the plot thickens, all of a sudden the only rerolls you get are of teams with either the same power to yourself (give or take 50 points) right up to 800+ to 1000+ points higher and all of sudden (whilst your still being forced to he stuck for months with the heros you can’t do final ascensions on because the maps are so called random process only allows for 1 of those items every few months) your finding yourself doing 30+ rerolls before you can find an opponent even close your own teams power level.

1500 CUPS!


Just hit the jackpot as suddenly opponents are all mostly either fully ascended 4s to fully ascended 5 and mixed 4/5 with team powers of between 3500 to 4000 plus whilst your still with your STUCK team of unfinished leveling 4* team (for the same reasons as stated above), and your finding yourself wasting 100k plus (I’ve personally done 180k once before finding a suitable opponent) food before you can even get close to fibding an opponent, and the chances of finding one that us lower than yourself in power has decreased to about 5%( that’s 5 in every 100 rerolls), and this is only due to cup drops weather done through honestly lising matches or purposely making it happen for personal gain that FACT is it’s deemed unfair in more ways than one.

And this is why players get pissed off and give up because although they can accept losing in a game, dying, wasting resources what they CAN’T accept is being unfairly forcedingly matched up with teams way oyr of thier league no matter how you look at it becuase the system has deem that the a cup total a better judge of a players capabilities when the in fact players really look at opponents team power when competing and cup mean nothing to them at the time.


If SG is finding it hard to come up with a fair decent RNG system that works for all levels which means the option to either use cup or power random IS THERE and can be played around with WHY NOT HAVE BOTH.
Meaning when entering raids you get an option to find opponents based on CUPS/TEAM POWER, 300 rng scale eitherway for cups and 1000 rng scale for team power or something of the like.

Since both have been tried and are obviously failing to work as a site wide fair system but are both doing within the game itself, offering both options would remove all cries of UNFAIRNESS pretty much instantly and make so much more sense.


Could someone please explain why in a game where there is suppose to be millions of players, understanding that there are 1000s of each within each different scoring aspect of the game that 90% of rerolls are of the same players reroll after reroll on the same day.

If I am rerolling because I that player is to strong find a battle, fight, lose/win (doesn’t matter), reroll again for a second match and find myself rerolling the same heros I refused the first time which means there’s only a couple hundred or so in the reroll count because it’s mskes no sense that you constantly only provided with the same challenges/opposing players everyday based on a system that says is millions+ strong.



Couldn’t agree more, which makes me even want to request a feature to opt out of raid battles completely. They’re frustrating to an extent that I don’t enjoy playing E&P anymore.

The system is fair.

Its the effectiveness of a raider. There will always be a bottleneck when you go higher in the trophies.
You don’t expect a team below 3500 power to stay in diamond. You can probably reach there but you wont be able to stay there.

Once you reach the upper echelons, just expect to see monsters. If the monsters decide to come down to bully, then its bad luck if you get raided by one or just reroll if are matched with one. The rewards at higher levels are definitely better so I don’t see a reason for them to come down except coming down to jack up their ego by destroying much weaker opponents.

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If reroll after reroll after reroll you always encounter teams too strong for you it just means that your cups are too high for you.
Don’t take for granted that your cups must increase at a continuous rate, they do when you improve your roster/defense team/raiding skill faster than the game community does on average.
If you find too hard matches instead of rerolling try fighting them, if you lose it’s ok, you’ll lower your cups a bit, find easier opponents and learn to fight teams stronger than yours.
This will slow down your raid chest filling? Not necessarily! Try these hard matches after you finish filling a chest (you have 6 spare flags before starting to collect the 6 you need for the next chest), so when the chest spawns you’re a bit lower on cups and your life will be a bit easier.

I used to fight only teams weaker than mine and I was getting frustrated by raids as you describe. Then I decided I could accept losing a lot of raids against stronger teams and started facing everything the system proposed to me without rerolling. I lost so many fights I can’t count them, but those were good raid lessons, they helped me figuring out new strategies and now I can beat teams with 500+ team power more than mine and that’s not magic. NPNKY is totally right, the raiding system is strongly in favor of the attacker, you only need to realize it.


Firstly I have accepted it and I personally do quite well.

Having said that! It doesn’t change facts and all your statements only prove my facts to not only be right but be 100% RIGHT.

If I am winning games why are my cups to high for me, this statement only proves that the system is not designed to win cups and tye to reach the top 100 but instead the system FORCES YOU not be able to achieve these levels without having 5* heros and powerful teams in which case it goes to prove that matter hiw good your skills/strategies your limited once again by the game because the game is designed in a way that it’s impossible to get up in the 100 players because the reality of it is if a player with lower class heros* reached the top 100 cups it would embarrass players that spend heaps of money.

It doesn’t matter how you try to justify it to be fair when in fact it it isn’t only not fair but instead rigged (for lack of a better word) to not be achievable.

Cups measure how strong your team is and how good you are at playing the game. If you have a team with no five star heroes, then of course you should not be able to get into the top 100 - you’re not good enough.

You seem to be asking that cups be given away for effort. That’s not what they are for. They measure how good you and your team are at raiding. If you want to get into the top 100, make your team better and make yourself better. It’s perfectly fair.

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Why cups work the way they do:

Why cups can be frustrating:


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