Battles shouldn't have a time limit

A mechanical reason there needs to be a time-limit: the war can’t resolve until all the battles are done.

Once I hopped in with my last flag with 20 seconds left in the war. It was a long, grueling fight; the timer was ticking down and I finally nailed the last remaining defender.

Everyone in my alliance was biting their fingernails. The outcome of the war depended on that battle, and the result couldn’t be posted until I was done. If there were, literally, no time limit to a war battle, a fight could take hours, disrupting other’s lives. Similarly, even mid-war, taking forever with a battle blocks an ally’s ability to clean up your mess in a timely way, possibly delaying a mass reset that can let your alliance get on with the war.

It’s an interesting question, though, why SGG chose not to have the damage multiplier that keeps raids short.


If you have the damage multiplier you have a lot more one-shots and less cleanup, which means less opportunity for the lower-powered alliance members to participate meaningfully.

The big advantage of AW is the sense of alliance togetherness it fosters, which would be lost if everyone fought for themselves.


I see you’ve met @Olmor’s team :smile:

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Wait for his dream team, MN - MN - MN - MN - MN

Speaking of, why does he need so many team slots anyway?


Interesting point, but isn’t the damage multiplier turn based, and the time out is time-based?

If so, you would need a team capable of surviving that many turns anyway. I’ve definitely hit the time out count down without hitting the multiplier before, but that might have been in AW. Guess I can waste a raid flag figuring it out.

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If you feel like the battle is taking forever, and you want it over in 10 minutes, just flee the battle. Why have a forced timeout if the team wants to keep fighting?

You are right but as you probably know very few will last longer than that but if they do I think you should be able to continue

My strategy, sustain and ressurect.

Just have to level Ariel and want to test, how high it will keep me.



Healer duels. They can go on forever.

They finally had to put a 30 minute limit on Class quests because of some Boss healers versus all healer teams.

Also issues with server connectivity, and pings, but that is boring.


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I can see what you’re saying but I do not think I should lose a battle because I ran out of time when I would have won

Maybe they should put some sort of pause or something

And when you’re in pause mode accounts as if you are not locked into the game so you cannot do that just to protect yourself from being raided

I believe the game kicks you out after a little while for being idle

True but I don’t think you should lose a battle because you run out of time. At worst they should called and no contest or the draw or something

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I kind of see what you’re saying but the Frontline still stands and fights and the people in the back rest and they rotate but I do not think you should lose a war because you run out of time if anything you should be a draw or no contest or something like that

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And then after I said. Time you should have the option of calling it a draw or something or a no contest but you shouldn’t just lose and I have been in those and yes you can win after not too long

That wouldn’t be true because you can’t pick the heroes you want to get you get what you get and if you had them you’d probably using them on your defense team. But if you don’t have them you’re obviously not using them and you can’t pick what hero to get

I have done almost 4,000 raids and I’m never had a battle that would not or did not come to an end but I hate losing because I ran out of time I think if anything you should at least have a chance for a drawer or no contest something like that but there have been times where if I had another 30 seconds or minute I would have won but I lost because of the time limit. The game could have said you’re out of time nobody wins this contest but just to see you lose is not really right

Good point or the game could give you an option after 10 15 minutes or whatever time of saying you can call this a no-contest and nobody wins and nobody loses and you can rematch them if you would like but just as so you lose because of a time limit doesn’t seem right when you could have one if you would have gone longer

It seems my earlier analogy is a bit incorrect… I should have compare raid with real-world raiding and AW with real war.

In real-world raiding, it was done in quick fashion, therefore they need to be fast not in prolonged battle, thus justifying time limit. (I read the wikipedia :sweat_smile:)

In real war, just as you have said:

Your explanation actually explain AW a lot. After an attack, if you fail to destroy a base entirely after certain amount of times, your team have to retreat as they need to rest (while they survive, not losing the fight or in this case you call it a draw, this team fail its mission to destroy the base thus is defeated in its mission), but you can attack again with different team (rotate).

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