Battles shouldn't have a time limit

Does anyone know why they put a time limit on battles? To me it doesn’t make sense to put a time limit on a fight, you should be able to fight till somebody wins. That’s how a battle would go there’s no one going to say hey timesup. I don’t think I have ever played a RPG game where there was and I don’t understand why there is. Does anyone know why they do have a time limit because it doesn’t make sense to me?

Could it be to stop people staying logged in and using it to prevent being revenged?



You’re also able to stay logged in without doing something except clicking around.


In real world, battle have time limit, the troops need to rest and eat. Fallback and then rematch.

Fail to break the stronghold before your supply run out and you are forced to retreat in defeat.


Maybe there should only be a time limit if you don’t make a match and just sit there

No time limit if you are actually battling

Because I have fought in a continuous battle where I ran out of time and that was annoying lol


With no time limit everyone would just use Alby-Ariel-Kunchen-Vivica-Mother North defence or similar.
Every fight would go on for infinity and we would all hate life.


If you are fighting AW with Field Aid and you are down to a healer and an AOE attacking a healer you are in a battle that will literally never end unless you flee. The time limit is an enforced flee when you are taking too long.


Not necessarily, you could increase the tiebreaker damage eventually to 1000%+++ such that first to hit kills


In raids I’ve never hit the time limit. Usually the tiebreaker damage is sufficient after a few increases. The trick is to work on lining up tiles underneath the hero (and staying alive).

I don’t recall seeing a tiebreaker damage increase in AW, just a time countdown. Is there?

I seem to recall there being one but I could be wrong.

Even if there isn’t, I don’t see why high tiebreaker damage shouldn’t be incorporated

Sometimes you find yourself in an awesome battle where healers and snipers all Fire and it keeps going, despite all the strategy in the world. Happens all the time.

It’s very satisfying when you win eventually and I think there’s a lot to be said for being able to finish an epic battle

No tie-breaker in AW.

Fair enough. A tiebreaker to 1000%+ damage should be incorporated then because it’s a better way to settle the score rather than time

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I doubt about it, they intentionally put it out because in AW you can have follow up attack with the opponent base already crippled…

If they put it in AW, maybe they will make the previously attacked base regenerate to full health and heroes. An entirely new battle system.

A tiebreaker in AW doesn’t mesh well with the team concept of AW.


I don’t think so because the game will time you out if you’re there is no action at all but if you are actively playing I don’t think you should time out in the middle of a battle if it’s not over. I mean it’s not a sports game like football or or boxing or something word there are rounds or or quarters or something. When you fight in the war you fight until it’s over

Yes they will fall back they will do stuff like that when they get relieved or have a chance to it’s not like so many comes out and says hey it’s been 3 hours and 15 minutes it’s time for a break if you’re fighting you keep fighting

I think 10 mins is enough time to finish a battle. Have you seen Aegir + Resurrector vs Aegir + Resurrector? that takes forever

Yes but fighting a battle that takes forever is pretty cool but if you are actively fighting I think you should be able to finish the fight

That is more like heroes charging mana at different rate and fire and then recharge mana again.

Even a siege cannot last forever, at one point, the attacker will have to abandon it if they cannot breach it.

If you have limited supply, only for 10 days without further replenishment, that is your time limit.

Fighting a battle that takes forever is not cool when you are playing as a pastime. 10 minutes is more than enough for me.

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