For the purposes of war, why not set up the board in a manner where only the frontline heroes can be attacked? Give alliance leaders the ability to arrange the battlefield maybe? Add some terrain?

“But Cruz” you say “then everyone will put strongest teams in front ranks and backfill with weaker teams!”

Maybe… but what if we assign a resource to positioning teams and putting whales on point. Say one alliance puts strongest players in front ranks and receives no bonus, other alliance places the exact opposite order and now has Aid at 20% and Arrows in front 3 ranks maybe? Maybe all the ranks get a stat bonus?

There’s room for development in wars. They genuinely are fun. They can be better.

I appreciate your awareness :wink:

It would need a really solid work around, especially given that war matching is already contentious


The supply line concept. Make forward deploying a solid defender based on point value subtract from an alliances resources to do so.

Make it so this can be done, but putting weaker teams forward leaves an excess of deployment points that can buy buffs for certain teams or the entire alliance.

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