Battlefield shows flags available to members while still in set-up

The battlefield is already showing that flags are available to members even though we are still in set-up and no flags are available to anyone.

It is not a big deal, but you might fix in a future release.

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It always has. Not a bug.

Just because it always has does not make it accurate. :slightly_smiling_face: We all either have 0 or 6 flags available at this point, not 3.

I am sorry. Want trying to make you upset. Was just trying to tell you that sense 4 updates (might be more) they put how many flags on. Before it starts it says 3 then when starts it is still at 3 then 12 hours later it adds 3 to what you have left. Was just saying it wasn’t a bug that is the way it has been for awhile.

The difference here is that the flags shouldn’t be displaying in set-up, especially not 6. The implication is that recent work on the war system impacted the counter, which is something that could affect gameplay for this iteration.

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