Battlefield Placement/Sorting – How is the Position on the Alliance War Battlefield Determined for Each Team?

Any idea what the alliance war battlefield placement is sorted by now? It seemed like before it was age in your alliance. Oldest was top left, newest bottom right. Now it isn’t quite defensive team power but seems like something close to that. I wondered about your individual roster score/contribution to the overall alliance score. If so that has interesting connotations when you look at where folks are.

I think it’s ordered by titles from leaders (first row, middle), with co-leaders and elders radiating out over the next row by when promoted. Then members, sorted by days in alliance. If all else is equal (ie, nearly everyone is a co-leader), then sorted by when promoted.

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This was what it looked like to me when I looked at it. It definitely is not by attack or defense power based on how my alliance is arranged.

I only observe my alliance placement, not the opponents. Here is what I found:

Before version 20, placement was based on rank and join date:

  • Leader always upfront.

  • The leader is followed by Co-Leaders, sorted by their join date (the longer they are in the alliances, the closer the position to the Leader).

  • They were then followed by Elders, sorted by join date.

  • Farther from the Leader (back position) is filled by ordinary Members, again sorted by join date.

However when version 20 was implemented, the position is mixed based on two things: defense team power & whether they join before or after the version 20 release:

  • Leader still upfront.

  • The leader is followed by those who already join the alliance before version 20 were released, sorted by defense TP from lowest to highest.

  • They are then followed by those who join the alliance after version 20 were released, sorted by defense TP from lowest to highest.


Here is the placement grid, number 1 is for Leader:

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I’ve noticed that the ordering is changed too, and it’s been brought up in a few places on the thread. I’m not sure whether it was intentional or not, though.

But it seems that the new rule didn’t apply for opponents’s base that we see. They are not sorted by defense TP. It seems that the placement that we see as an alliance member is different from the placement that is seen by the opponents.

Hi - just out of interest who decides on positioning in war on the battlefield? ie who goes front, centre, flank, rear etc.

If you’re talking about your team defense, you yourself decide on the positions.

I think maybe the OP is talking about the arrangement of the players in the war battlefield. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure anymore. It used to be based on length of time in an alliance and seniority (elder coleader) But now its… based on seniority + some mystery criteria I haven’t figured out :slight_smile:


I was thinking maybe that too.

It’s based on rank then seniority I believe. Leaders/coleaders up front, then elders, then members.

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Ok thanks everyone. It’s just that I have noticed recently that in my alliance some of our teams on the battlefield move position - up / down / left / right from one war to the next and I had no idea how this was done.


Cheers. Sorry, I wasn’t very clear. I was meaning the teams in my alliance on the battlefield. Sorry

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Alliance is asking what order and why people are placed on the board. Seems that leader is front and center with co leaders surrounding. What about the rest?

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The question has been asked here… Position on battlefield

Merge please @zephyr1 @Garanwyn @Kerridoc

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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

(though this thread doesn’t really have a definitive answer, since it changed in Version 20)


Until recently I thought the Alliance Leader stayed up all night placing members on the field like a war game :smile: :bow_and_arrow: :crossed_swords: :dagger: :fire: :shield:

I don’t know whether the position we see is the same position the enemy see, but if we look at our teammates war position, starting from v20, it will be like this:

Leader is still in front, flanked by weakest co-leader, followed by stronger co-leader. Strongest co-leader is then followed by weakest elder, followed by stronger elder. Strongest elder is then followed by weakest ordinary member. The back corner will be filled with strongest ordinary member.

Before v20, it used to be based on higher rank and earliest join date, not higher rank and lower power.


I’ve just checked… That is exactly how my alliance is set up on the battlefield - thanks @yelnats_24 for solving the mystery :smile:

Lol… @Joyful818 who would want to be a leader :confounded:

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Better thread for both content, and being older, so I merged us over. :slight_smile:


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