Battle tournament

Hi all, I don’t think it’s been discussed but it would b nice to see a battle tournament of each hero category. Meaning 3* vs 3*, 4* vs 4* and 5* vs 5* with rewards for winner of each category. I think this would be a nice addition to the game. Just as someone suggested 3* & 4* raid battles, I think this would add a lot of excitement to E&P. A lot of E and P players would be able to use their full rosters of heros of ALL categories than only using their best 5*'s all the time. Gets boring playing raids and always seeing Guin n GM n zeline etc… some excitement is needed. I for one would like to have battle tournaments for all our heros. To see different pplz using different strategies ranging from 3* to 5*'s very entertaining. Anyone else think this would he a good idea?

I’m not fully comprehending.

How is this different than the raid events coming in 2019?


maybe you didn’t see this yet?..

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Yes , I did not read this yet. Thank you.

(Talking about the raid battles only) After studying the raid pic as an example to come, its looks a little different than what I had in mind. I agree with the hero class of stars and troops allowed but am not a fan of limiting which hero class is allowed to participate meaning fire, nature, water n dark but light is not allowed etc… also pic suggest that anyone can fight/raid anyone vs tournament set up. Looks like a battle royal to the last team standing from what I perceive it to be. This is all guessing on my part from 1 sample pic. Just saying but I’ll wait to see what raid battles are really like and come back to this thread later.

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