Battle Toads Dynasty

Hi all

Battle Toads Dynasty is looking for new Members! We have two spots open.
We are an active alliance with lots of experience and we are ready to move up and take on bigger Titans and harder Wars!

If you are a competitive player looking for a new home, a new challenge or if you’re bored of your current alliance…come check us out!

We do not limit you, we empower you!

While we encourage you to apply for our alliance we do have a few requirements:

  • 400 Cups minimum
  • Be active, have fun, and communicate.
  • Most important of all… Life comes first.

We will supply you with a vast amount of knowledge and you will benefit from an organised and tactical driven alliance.

Are you ready for something new, serious, competitive and fun? We’re waiting for you!

Hello, is there still any spot left? I am a very active player and seeking an alliance. Thank you!

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@lightsmessenger yes we do. Looks up! We also have a line group and a discord.

Battle Toads Dyansty

Leader: Tony

Thanks! Could I join your alliance? I am very active and will fully use my flags for titans and wars.

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@lightsmessenger Yes you can :slight_smile:look us up under aliance and send in the request.

Thanks! But I just noticed that if I leave my current alliance, my war chest will reset. I would hate to lose my progress so far (13 points). Would it be ok that I reach out again when I get my chest? Hopefully there is still a spot open at that time.

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Sure! Good luck and hope you get some awesome loot! :slight_smile:

Thanks! And good luck to your alliance as well!

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@lightsmessenger We have one spot open. It has your name on it :wink: :smiley:

1 Spot open. Come check us out!

Hi there. Happy new year! Sorry I was absent for a while as I was on a resort with no wifi. Does the invitation still stand? If so, I would very much like to join. Thank you!

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It sure does and we have a spot open for u! :slight_smile:

Great! I will send you a request right now

My game name is Light’s Messenger

Just sent. By the way, I found a lot of alliances with similar names: toads this & toads that. Are they all the same?

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Battle Toads Dyansty. That’s us. The leader is Tony

Welcome to BTD! :smiley:

Looking for experience players! You have what it takes? Come check us out!

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Definitely a strong and supportive alliance! Join us and let us fight together!


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