Battle Toads Dynasty Recruiting

Hi all

Battle Toads Dynasty is looking for new Members! We have several spots open.
We are an active alliance with lots of experience and we are ready to move up and take on bigger Titans and harder Wars!

If you are a competitive player looking for a new home, a new challenge or if you’re bored of your current alliance…come check us out!

We do not limit you, we empower you!

While we encourage you to apply for our alliance we do have a few requirements:

  • 400 Cups minimum
  • Be active, have fun, and communicate.
  • Most important of all… Life comes first.

We will supply you with a vast amount of knowledge and you will benefit from an organised and tactical driven alliance.

Are you ready for something new, serious, competitive and fun? We’re waiting for you!

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I have been with BTD for about two months and I went from a very low team (sub 2500) to a 3400+ team. They have help me, support me, and guide me tremendously through out the game and I couldn’t done it without them. I am scoring ascention items faster that I can ditchem out!

BTD is where is at!

I also worth mentioning that we use Line/Discord.

Friendly bump. 20 char