Battle teams

Since we need 6 teams offense during battles being able to see them all becomes important. Currently we can only see five. Any chance that can be modified?

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Your team slots have no impact on wars


It would be nice to pre make you attack teams. I see no reason why we can’t have up to 10 team slots.

It would be no cost to the developers to allow us to pre make more teams

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Most players tailor their attack teams to the specific opponent. Red tank? Take 2 blue hitters. Double Yellow? Take 2 purple. Hard hitters with slow mana? Take fast mana snipers and mana control.


I never know (aside from my initial defense team) what my attack teams will be for war. I remake them every time.

Since my pre-made teams from the game don’t appear in war, giving me extra game teams would only serve the purpose of memory nudgers (and I’d have to step out of war to go consult those existing hero teams to be nudged.) :wink:

If you don’t have a hero saved to a team, the chances of accidentally using it to level up another hero is greater. I’m currently on level 20, and I still don’t have enough good heroes for 6 solid battle teams; however, I could still choose between my six teams and diversify as needed for battle while outside of battle having my designated top 30 saved heroes. It’s really obnoxious to not be able to put together 6 teams, rearrange them to see different team strengths…etc on just the one team without having to undo everyone in the 5th team in order to do so. Some people are suggesting 10 teams. Even better. This way people can arrange their “Titan Teams” or “Battle Teams” without messing up the carefully arranged favorite teams. If not 10, then 6 out of sheer practicality with the game itself since there have to be at least 6 unique teams to use 6 battle flags. Seems like a no brainer to me.

@Rook That’s actually not true. When you click on the first hero space to add a hero, you can scroll down and see all your pre-existing teams.

Very cool! I’ve yet to see that, only a full roster when I scroll down (no space yet clicked on).

I larned somethin’! :wink:

That might work for some people, especially those much higher in the game. For those of us who are still working on those kinds of options, it would be nice to be able to plan for battle by having 6 designated teams that we can swap out at will…or not if we don’t want to.