Battle of the outcasts: In a vacuum, who gets rings - J-F, Anzogh or Elena?

For war depth only; and maybe tournaments. Endgame player (29th maxed 5*).

Already have all the best reds: GM, Zim, Mits, Grazul and Marj.

I do have a level 23 mana troop.

Elena is beasty on rush attack tournaments.

I can’t speak to the other two, although I have Anzogh in the pipeline.


Anzogh could shine a bit more than Elena due to his innate resistance against slower mana generation and the arrival of Telluria.

Out off all of them Jean-François is the better tank but if you don’t need it you can ascend one or another based on the heroes you would aim to counter.


My vote is for Elena & suggest you consider her also for titan teams due to her very very high attack stat :wink:

Mine is maxed & have zero regrets at all (even with many other “good” reds still waiting)


Thanks all! I think it’s a 2 horse race but wanted to get the community feedback.

Having GM, I just can’t get excited with J-F. With the bench I have he’ll never make his way on my defense team… also, he hits like a wet noodle and his ability is against the wrong color when on offense.

I think Elena gets the nod for Rush Tournaments and on my titan team…

But Anzogh, certainly with a mana troop level 23, gets the nod on war offense and possibly red stacking raiding.


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I have a similar question - Santa Claus, costumed Elena, J-F or Grazul. I only have Marjana maxed for reds, and I have max Mother Nature, Magni, Vela, and I’m working on Delilah and Sartana.

Grazul is amazing especially on red stack.

JF is very good with any other heroes except for other red burners.

Anzogh, Elena, Azlar, Khagen are great for HA, if it will ever be introduced.

You’ve got a lot of burn in GM and marj… so I wouldn’t go for JF. Depending on your titan level, Elena has great attack stats… she’s just squishy for those 13/14s. I used her a lot in this past event too.

If you’re making a war team, JF or anzogh.

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you could also wait and see if you get tyr or another red that makes the choice obvious for you. it doesn’t look like you’re in any immediate need to suddenly have elena.

Anzogh imo


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In your spot I’d definitely do Elena just for the tiles on my titan squad. Rush attack usage would be a bonus.

OK thanks all.

For my titan team, where I’m at in the game, Elena doesn’t really help. I’m not removing Falcon+20, Wilbur+20 or Miki. And I’ve got GM and Zim close to max emblems that have greater attack anyways… and bring more value.

I just looked at TYR’s card again and he is sooooooooo busted! I’ll wait it out for the next Season 3 window, go through my gems and do a 30 pull to see if I get super lucky. Do we know who will be the next featured hero?

If I don’t get lucky, I’m flipping a coin and letting destiny decide. LOL.

I’ll probably have 6 more rings by the time the next red HOTM shows up anyways. :slight_smile:

Have a great day all and stay healthy.

Funny… I’d do JF for tile damage enhancement for titan squad - that +crit would do more than a higher attack stat, more durability means hero’s are alive to have their tile damage buffed too (and without costume Elena is really lacking in the durability department).

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This plays into Anzogh over Elena (if you fail to pull Tyr) - the more you can get Anzogh to hit, the more heal you get… Plus average mana sits perfectly in this threesome (and/or with BT or BK).

I’d think towards Anz for general play and towards JF for titan squad (plus crit can be huge there and as we all know, titans are all about tiles)… But knowing your reds already, titans would be my primary thought - you’re pretty well covered for events and raid tourneys and probably war teams too.


Thanks for the input. I actually never thought about J-F’s crit. That’s a valid point. I guess he’s not useless after all.

Now I need to find a 3 sided coin…

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So… for my situation:
Elena - for Rush Tourney
Anzogh - general use/war team
J-F - titan team crit

The deeper you get in the game, you really need an elite hero to have an impact on your game.

I really like the recent additions of Vela and Telluria, these types of heroes get me excited again to tweak my teams and add a lot of value to my bench.


So in other words:

Elena - super niche
Anzogh - regular use
JF - regular use

I would personally eliminate Elena (she’s only great at rush and even then it depends what colours are allowed) and look at JF or Anzogh.
Either JF or Anzogh would be on a war team I would’ve thought, Anz would do it better, but JF would go straight into the team against green titans.


Anecdotal, but JF’s crit seems to make extremely minimal impact on my titan scores. It has been a source of some disappointment and consternation for me.

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This is a pretty easy Anzogh for anything aside from rush tourney or minimal titan improvement.

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