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I recently purchased the hunter special: 5 scrolls of alteration for gems… I went to attack titan and used only 1 and for some reason 5 was consumed in one move… I was hoping I can get the other four back or refunded the gems I used to purchase this battle item less the gems prorated from the one scroll I did use. Thank you for the help but I do believe this was a bug with the game. Thanks in advance Porkchopz

Deal was only for 1 scroll.


Ouch! That was a $3 scroll. Sorry man. No comment on the price. Just sorry you made that mistake. Not fun.

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Personally I’d never use a revive scroll on a Titan!

That’s not a revival scroll. It’s a scroll of alteration. Found in hunters lodge. It essentially changes tile colors.

Alright cool! Is it any good? Or does it change the titles to the other colour you don’t need in a 2-2-1 set up! :wink:

You cast it on a hero and it changes 5 random tiles on the board to match that hero color. Very underwhelming for the price if you ask me.

But as most of the ‘stronghold update’ new things… extremely expensive and useless in majority. My alliance does not even use these new items and we still murder 14 star titans daily.

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It wasn’t the fact I used it on a titan or not it was the fact I purchased it with the label saying it was for 5 of the items and only used one and showed 5 in my inventory and one match only one used and no more in inventory

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