Battle Items ll - raid flask yes/no (October 15 = No)

Great info :+1:, I never do battle quest…
This thread can be like Recruit II with dates and YES/NO Flask in the title. :innocent:

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Worth about a nickel to me. Would love to trade around flask types, even 2 for 1!

I seem to remember Recruits II quests used to give ETTs (even though it wasn’t explicitly stated), but I didn’t get one the last time I did it. :confused:

I’m guessing that was a “bug” though, thank goodness they finally “fixed” it! :roll_eyes:
That used to be my most reliable source for epic troops. Oh well.

Are you being humorous? Or should I move this to the thread with the super long discussion about how the appearance rate of ETT in Find Recruits II is 50%, but it’s been present more often than not for the last several?


Sorry, wasn’t being humorous. I wasn’t aware there was a thread on the topic, or that there was an actual loot table for the item. It was a member of my first alliance who pointed out this “trick” or “added bonus”, or whatever it was. I’ve done every Recruits II quest since then, and they always gave me an ETT after completion, except for the last one. :man_shrugging:

Feel free to delete or move my post.

No worries. It was 50/50 whether you were aware to that thread and were just being satirical :slight_smile:

If you want to know whether a particular Find Recruits II has the token, the community tracks it here:

Recruits II / Recruits 2 - Epic Troop Token log - 50% of chance of universal token drop per spawn - July 27/28 = YES

The title is generally updated within an hour of the quest popping. Many people don’t do the quest if it doesn’t have the token.

I’ll leave this in thread here in case anyone else has the same question.


Good to know! Thanks :+1:

I know, it’s hard to tell whether I’m joking or not, because 50% of the time I probably am. :smiley: As for the recruit quests, I usually do them anyway, because I can always use more TC fodder. I just got used to getting ETTs as an added bonus and I was a little sad when I didn’t. :slightly_frowning_face:

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There were something like 4 in a row. We all were a little sad when #5 blanked :disappointed_relieved:


@princess1 it’s included this time :slight_smile:


Correct, and we do not need YES/NO in the tittle then. :innocent:


Thank you. Everything is right in my universe again :grin:


Is there a list of the quests that give the extras that are not listed

Good question. I’ll have to do some research.

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As far as I know, most quests have fixed but shown loot … and random loot which isn’t shown in advance, similar to the random loot farming map levels.

Recruits II has an epic troop token some of the time which is NOT shown on the stages/loot screen. I’m not aware of any other quest with loot like this. (The battle items II year shows whether it is the version with or without the raid flask.)


There are also the bonus 3* trainers from the seasonal stages. I’m not sure what else though.


Hidden rewards

Eventually the Devs moved all quest loot to visible EXCEPT the Epic Troop Token in Recruits II.

See post:
(Missing Troops Token from Find Recruits 2?)

Trivia, If you track quests, the difficulty changes each spawn within a set range of team power.


IIRC that is a recent change. Maybe just a display bug.

Or the display code needs to be rewritten for multiple Trainer heroes.

The Season 2 missions also have hidden ascension items.

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Yea I’m noticing no more raid flasks in battle items 2 which sucks as some raid days are just brutal…and also with pov needing to do raids I feel like it could be a gem grab to refill raid energy…I say bring back raid flask!!

It’s random, always has been, but you can see if it’s there or not just by clicking on the quest.

All I’ve seen in rewards from battle items 2 in last like 4 is super antidote and bomb attack’s on Last stage which makes me not bother on it unless I need 3 quest stages for POV

Another nerf you “forgot” to mention in patch notes. This quest didn’t come more than 2 months. This game going sooooooo down hill.


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