Battle For Fighter class

Magni, Tyr, Killhare, Fenrir, Lady Loki, and soon to be Thor also…what do you all think the king of the fighters is and why?

Of those i would probably pick killhare. More impactful if she rezes and fires than the others mentioned.


Tyr 20 revives and all the stuff he can do once he has

Probably Killhare. She does more damage than Ursena at same speed with debuff downside, but still. She was last standing in one accasion and very nearly singlejhandedly killed my teams including meatshields like Heimdall. And if she survives fatal blow with full mana, well…

Magni in costume can me also mean if he survives to cast his special, as he leaves very nasty parting gift in form of lowered defense.

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Controversial I know, but I’m picking Boldtusk. When fully emblemed he is like a five star, and very durable. I have one at 18 and one 17 for wars. Also, he doesn’t need jewellery to max him out, which is nice

I know you probably meant fives, and if so, Killhare is clearly the most terrifying

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Killhare, but then its technically the queen of fighter :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Killhare is a legit terror.

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