Battle damage sharing - how to defeat?

In raids, every time i come up against someone with a hero that has the ability to share battle damage across all enemy heroes, i have no chance and end up getting wiped out. Can’t fight off an entire team simultaneiously, surely this is an overpowered ability?

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Can be removed with dispellers.

3* dispellers like tyrum and belithe

4* dispellers such as melendor, sabina, caedmon, sonya

5* dispeller like Zeline


One other suggestion may be to use someone such as Tiburtus for the Defense Debuff. Granted he only affects three enemy heroes, but he takes away the 42% ish defense buff (Dependent on the opponents skill for spirit link) they still share damage in this case, but with the debuff he applies that shared damage increases somewhat.

Generally speaking the dispeller would be the better bet, but if you have defense debuffers such as those with “Ramming Pulverizer” special they may work as well.

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If you can’t dispel the Spirit Link, keep in mind while you’re fighting that you are still doing damage, just not exactly where you want it, and that strong colors still work. So, hit a green with red and they will distribute all of that double damage across the team. Your best bet is obviously dispellers, but this power isn’t so bad once you get stronger, and (so far) no one over 3* has the ability, so you will just stop seeing it the higher you get.

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Yup it isn’t so much the damage sharing that gets you it’s the +63% defense buff. that’s huge.

The good news is that currently only 3* heroes have this damage-sharing ability, so as you progress you stop seeing it.

The bad news is that tomorrow, with the new Season 2 heroes, this ability migrates upwards to 4* (Wilbur). To compound the bad news, the October HotM is slated to have damage-sharing. SO, make sure you have dispellers available!