Battle changes Discussion

So I’m curious as to what other members on the forum would speculate if there was two changes in the actions of doing battle.

  1. Change mana absorption by -1. Average would be 9 instead of 10 for example.

Players keep blaming the random boards because they cant power up thier formations to compete in wars, raids and the tournaments.

  1. Stacking results in smaller build up of damage % booster. 2 red heroes would be a 50% boost, 3 at 100%, 4 at 150% and with all 5 at 200%.

Most players have outstanding defense teams, and loose because the tank is overwhelmed by normal attacks. Skills should play a stronger role in the battles (in my opinion).

Not sure what the exact boost percentages are, but seems like alot has changed with all these new skills, hotm, talents and costumes.

  • feel free discuss other changes and there possible effect on the game.

Agreed with #1 but normaly in wars the only option to take out the tanks is to stack colors against them.
If you go with rainbow with the same (or nearly the same) power you will loose 80%. Or so…
Depend on your luck with the board. So #2 have to stay I think.

SG have to solve the matchmaking failures first, and maybe than we can disguss further. I the last 6 wars we get much stronger defenses than ours (probably +500-+700 power).
In this case 2 of them crush us into pieces and we cant take out them easily.
So we have to make an offense team against the tank and praised for a good board.

This. But I wont complain anymore. Just have to accept that war matchmaking sucks and very much comparable to the neglectful SGG execs and devs. Playing this game is like you are a gal in an intimate moment having a guy use a condom. You got that great feeling of ecstasy yet you know you are being screwed.


Stacking is the best way, but I think if we had quicker generation of skills it would lead to more strategic usage of heros. Right now a double stack can take out any tank if the board is in the attackers favor. This results in alot of high powered players losing to players who are easily 500tp or less then there defense power. By reducing boost % of stacks players will be forced rely on skills. Merlin, hansel, hel, proteus an sure a bunch others all have abilities to inhibit mana generation and tank skills.

Thinking about it, might have reduce some skill length periods. Like instead of lasting 3 turns, change some skills to 2 turns, etc… alot of small details would need be looked at.

Its true!
I hope in the next few weeks it will be fixed or balanced.
There are so many options what have to be try.
Let see what SG will do with this