Battle can't be won?

Can somebody please tell me how to win a raid when you’re facing BK(costume) / Aino / Sif(costume) / Hulda / Arco in a 3 in the back 2 in the front formation ??

The timer ran out and their 5 were left standing and so were my 5 but b/c the timer ran out I lost the raid.

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What did you use for your team?

I’d bring a minion counter, debuffer and plenty of firepower. Wouldn’t worry particularly about bringing a healer as damage output from that team isn’t up to much.


my team was Quintin and Zhang Fei on the far ends Liu Bei and Diaochan on the flanks and Elena in the middle all LB and talents to 20

Who exactly is in the back and who is in the front?
Not really familiar with Aino, but otherwise my default against a taunter and riposte defense is:
cSabina-Lord Loki-Domitia-Devana-Malosi

I guess you could bring any of those sand empire heroes to reduce the healing as well, but usually my concern is to get rid of the taunter and his effects. But you have to have a plan to get rid of Hulda’s minions which is where Devana comes to play for me.

It all depends on what you have. Do you have Bera? if you get her going that should neutralize Hulda and Arco.


I don’t have Domitia-Devana-Malosi

I do have Lord Loki ( not leved up tho) and same with Sabina not lvled yet

I do have Bera, She’s not limit broken yet but thanks for the tips

Aino and Hulda are the 2 in the front row other 3 in back with Sif costume in middle back

I should mention that Lord Loki isn’t that important against that defense, he’s just someone I bring along everywhere.
But really, the keys are dispeling/prevent buffs (so costume Sabina is great here), and dealing with minions (if you had any minion destroyer like costume Gormek may help).
The other thought is that Elena is kind of useless against a healer heavy team because she has no one to riposte against. I would swap her out for another damage dealer. Given that you have Quintin, and Zhang Fei, I’m kind of surprised you weren’t able to kill anyone.


If you want to keep color than you can replace her with Gefjon (if you have one). Stealing Hulda’s minions can be nasty. Other good anti-taunt and anti-riposte hero is Iris.


I would suggest that counterattack does very little against this line-up. Since none of them attack with their specials, you are only counterattacking their slashes. So Elena and Liu Bei are basically just their aoe damage. Replace one with the Bera you said you have.

The other would be great to put in a buff blocker to shut down BK and Sif. Franz, c Sabina, Chakko, and Hypnos are options I can think of right now, but I think there are 2 or 3 more.

Edit - I even think that the buff blockers being slow or very shouldn’t be much of an issue, as BK is in the back corner, and the team is passive, so there should be time to charge


Easy, just bring a team with 2 C.Alasie’s and 3 Ruby’s :+1: done and done!

Don’t have those? Me neither :upside_down_face:

Okay jokes aside.

  • Captain of Diamonds or Bera to deal with the minions. Noor, C.Gormek, Gobbler are also options here. In the enemies setup having no minion block/removal ability just makes your attempt largely pointless.
  • To mitigate the impact of either Sif or BK, bring a buff blocker or at a minimum a buff remover (or two).
  • The whole team relies on Average speed heroes so you can also try to blitz them out with a Very Fast/Fast set of heroes.
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Minion removers + Dispeller + some snipers (with possible support from buffers/ debuffers) to take out each hero one by one

u need extremely good boardsl or lot of luck(if will be enough)

There is easy obtainable 4s that can make that team useless, C Diamond and c Gormek to deal with minions and C Sabina to negate any buffs or two dispellers, after that a good healer/cleanser and two strong hitters. Of course there are many other 5s that can do the job but the logic is the same

Your Bera can block your opponents ability to receive minions, Hulda and Arco were harmless without spawning minions.
Add three red or green hitters and a buff blocker. Costumed Sabina of Chakko could block Arcos stoneskin, if you have Zagrog, he can slash through the stoneskin.
Happy gaming

Do you happen to have xiahou dun? He can dispel through the taunt with his minions. Then get a minion killer like grimble and you’re pretty much set

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Dispel and attack down for sure, a 4* winning team could be that:

Kiril* - Gormek* - Mist - Sonya - Sonya

Sonya dispels the taunt, Kiril remove the attack buff, Gormek remove minions, Mist prevent buffs and increase special damage and 2nd Sonya deals damage and can remove counterattack. Bringing an attack buffer as Wu Kong instead of the 2nd Sonya is also a viable choice.

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Heroes like diaochan don’t work very well against a stall team. Because the most she can do is steal their buffs and it would go on and on to the point she is a liability. This is the team where snipers would shine a lot because you need to zero in on one hero first before you go onto the next one. Access who’s the one you want to kill first then land everything in one shot. Strong dispels and minion killers needed.
It’s a fun puzzle style team

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I have 2 attack team for such defense. I love minion teams so much as I Grimble them.

  1. Grimble + 30 Mana (Minion counter) , G Panther Debuff, Viscaro (I love him to cheat Arco), C Poseidon (I love Snipers) and C Viv (Heal and Debuff and DD).
    Viscaro’s fiends become minions when Arco fires. Then i fire Grimble and mana up my entire team. This is a cheat i regularly use with Arco defense.

  2. Grimble + 30 Mana (Minion counter) , G Panther Debuff, Arfanias (Super sniper when cards have almost max mana), C Poseidon (I love Snipers) and C Viv (Heal and Debuff and DD).

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I second the use of Gobbler or C.Gormek.

Either of them:

  • Clears all minions on the board instantly
  • Provides all the healing you will ever need for this fight

Clearing a triple minion wall will heal your entire party for ~1400, so you can go ham on Hulda and charge your entire team while she’s summoning fodder. Then your only worry is having brought enough firepower to win with full mana against a slightly buffed minionless enemy.

My attack would include 2-3 yellow since i think Hulda is the biggest threat with her Mana Minions … then possibly a Minion eater but not necessarily … I’d also use Diaochan to steal Buffs with coincidental healing … possibly also Zeline to Debuff … lastly Lady Locke is awesome against any Counter-Attack