Battle Bugs - Cannot Click Anything (Always happens)



(I’ve only tested this on raids)
UPDATE: Tested on nearly all battles (raids, maps, quests). So I can I assume this actually happens on all battles

  • Scenario
    What happened:
  1. I accidentally clicked element explanation (on top left)
  2. The popup on the screenshoot I uploaded appeared
  3. I realized that I misclicked, to close the popup I used back button
  4. Popup confirmation of ‘leaving battle’ showed up instead of closing the previous popup. I used back
    button again to close this aforementioned popup confirmation of ‘leaving battle’
  5. The popup of step 4 closed, I couldn’t click anything besides using back button (which lead back to step 4)

What I expect to happen: The popup of element explanation closing, game resumes normally
What actually happened: popup confirmation of leaving battle showing up. And after using back button to close this popup, I can’t click anything. Basically have to force closed the app.

  • Time:
    Not important. This bug always happens.


Ive had it happen as well. Very annoying