Battery drainage - android 8.1

After the update and playing for a while, the empires is draining battery while running in the background, you must have some sync service going wild because it continues even after restart and stops after force-stopping the app

I can confirm on adroid 7.0

as it can be seen only 2 windows active

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Where do I get this on my J5 samsung?
Intersting windows to see on such an old device like mine.

Depends on android version which can be found in setting-aboutphone-software

Aftet google as per your android version

For me battery usage is under aboutphone also

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Noticed the same.
Game was never ‘battery friendly’ before but there is dramatic change for the worse since the new android version. Or since the new game version. I cannot see who’s the problem from these 2.

Would be very happy if some dev could look into this.

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Noticed the same on my J7 PRO , Android 7.0 :grin:

Yep. I’ve seen a significant increase in power usage since the upgrade. Running Android 8.0.0 on a Samsung S8. Now charging maybe twice a day. Devs, please check this out.

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If someone has found a way, a device, or whatever, to play a reasonably long time (say 40-60 min) without having warm up/battery problem PLESAE SHARE :)))

40 min of paly drain 60-80% of may receantly replaced LG G3 battery :((

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same issues here , samsung s7 , phone warms & battery drain out does the phone on mains charger while playing !

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