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I realise that there are a lot of threads (largely locked) about this but am wondering if anyone else has noticed that the game is draining their battery a lot more since the last update.

I generally play the game with the phone plugged into my PC to keep it charging, but even that is not helping. It is a Galaxy S6 Edge, so not a particularly new phone and while it has always been something of pain with regard to the battery, it has never been this bad.

This morning my phone was fully charged overnight and switched off. I turned it on and checked into the game without loading anything else. Normally by the time I have done all my tasks and used my various flags the phone (even plugged in) may be down to something like 80-85%. Today, doing the same tasks it went from fully charged to less than 45% in about 90 minutes (again it was plugged into my PC to charge the entire time).

I spent most of last night doing various changes to my phone with regard to battery saver settings, yet today, it was clearly as bad as ever.

Since this is the only thing I ran this morning (deliberately as I am trying to pinpoint the problem) I was wondering if it is a game issue rather than a phone issue. I therefore wonder if anyone else has noticed this since the most recent update.

Maybe this 1 is sth 4 u:

…when your battery gets drained.


I’ve yet to have a samsung battery be worth a :poop: for more than a year.

Good news is you can buy the batteries fairly cheap on Amazon.

To answer your question that game seems as battery draining as it’s ever been but still less than some other apps and the phone screen itself according to my phone settings


Unfortunately this particular phone model isn’t designed to easily access the battery, so I really hope that isn’t the issue.

It just seemed very sudden that it started to drain so quickly and this coincided wtih the latest update.

I haven’t noticed anything different as far as battery drain on my phone. My honest opinion is it is probably your battery getting old and the fact that your phone may not be fully optimized to run the game at it’s best considering it’s age. But you can buy replacement batteries for that phone I believe

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As entertaining as that thread is, I’m not sure it is simply a case of playing too much. I used to be able to farm Atlantis or use all my energy in the 1 flag challenges for hours without it ever dropping anywhere near as much as this.

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Phone batteries are fragile.

Charge too much - bad
Charge too little - bad
Rapid charging cords - bad
Not plugging into efficient charging ports- bad(wall charger that came with phone > pc for example)

They’re pretty touchy when it comes to temparature basically which any of the above scenarios can cause higher temps and to go bad quicker than they should

Each time a phone charges it loses some of it’s overall life as all cells never fully recharge. Heat can speed up the process. Though regardless these batteries aren’t meant to last very long, either lack of technology or just business ploy, or both I’m not sure.

If your phone battery is starting to get to the point where you have to keep it on the charger all the time, it’s probably a sign the battery is going bad and you should be careful with it btw. Using phone on the charger does increase the heat the battery takes which if the battery gets hot enough can be a safety hazard.

Have you seen any swelling on the back of your phone yet?(my last phone swelled enough to bulge out the back cover and even had melt marks on the inside of the plastic)

(You can check the above in the operator manual of your phone btw, it recommends to unplug the charger at full charge, turn phone off when charging or at very least use it as minimal as possible, at least my Samsungs have included such tips)

If i somehow figure out it’s the app, I’ll let you know but theoretically no 1 app should be enough to kill your phone.

Also running your phone screen at lowest brightness possible may help too fwiw


My battery lasts as long/short as before. Graphic processing always drains electricity.

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I think the problem might lie with the PC you are charging the phone with.
You may consider switching to a wall socket and see if thats any better.
Or just dont play while charging.

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I am guessing that it might be a result of charging too much then.

There’s no swelling on the back of the phone, though I have noticed that it is sometimes a lot warmer than it used to be. That being said, it has been used more generally in the last month as it has effectively become my work phone as I am currently working from home due to the country being in lock down. Consequently, it has needed charging more than it previously did.

I had altered the brightness setting amidst all my messing with it to try to sort it, but can’t even read the screen on the lowest setting.

Guess I am going to have to look for a new battery.

Thanks everyone for the responses. Very helpful in helping to pinpoint what the problem is.


Does the problem occur on other apps/games too?

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It was happening generally, which is why I have been testing it with one app to try to pinpoint it. I don’t play a lot of games and this one is the only one I play regularly.

The suggestion of not playing the game while it is charging just drains the phone even faster.

I sincerely hope it isn’t a problem with the PC - I’ve only had it six months. I will try charging it at the wall socket if I can track down the plug. I have only ever charged it by USB for convenience, so have no idea where that might be - no doubt somewhere at the back of a cupboard.

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Dont think the pc is bad.

Usb ports on a pc are just not meant for charging.

Usb ports on a pc are meant for transferring data



Wow this is a good post.


The way I explain it, take a paper clip and bend it slowly. Every time you bend it, it cracks a tiny bit until it breaks. This is your batteries estimated charge cycles.

Take a paper clip and rapidly bend it back and forth until it breaks. This takes less bends then above. This is heat damage to the battery. For heat damage causes, see @Rigs excellent explanation.


Niantic games are famous for overheating your phone - GPS, full screen brightness in sun, full graphic CPU, full CPU, battery under 20% charge, etc - which damages the battery.

Are other apps running in the background ?

20 minutes

You can also try waiting 20 minutes between Empires auto play ( tip from @DaveCozy )


Click for notes


Rechargeable AA battery used in camera flashes often get 1/10 charge cycles of flashlights.

Rechargeable AA battery used in camera flashes often get 1/10,000 charge cycles of infrared remotes.

Auto play



Agree with the above (about batteries being fragile, overheating, charging too much, etc.)

But also agreeing with @Rigs general assessment that Samsung batteries are :poop:

My last couple of phones have been LGs. My girlfriend’s last few phones have been Samsungs. My phone batteries have always lasted longer than hers. Her battery dies in less than an hour if not plugged in. Mine will run for several hours without charging, even if I’m actively playing E&P or doing something else on there the whole time. And her phone is several years newer, and much more expensive than mine was.

Best I can figure is: either the Galaxys suck up power a lot faster than other phones, or Samsung just uses some really crap batteries. Or a combination of both.


I use an iPad mini and it seems it uses more battery than other apps.

Same for iPhone… if I am on the game and also using one other app (music), my phone will get hot.

So it’s possible.

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Better way to charge phone is wall socket. Overnight charging destroys battery capacitty. Most smartphones needs one about one hour to charge, so many people charge it in morning.

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