Batman Phoenix Warriors Are Recruiting

We’re an active, friendly and supportive and alliance with a strong core and members dedicated to a common goal “Teamwork”.

We know the real world is out there somewhere and understand when it gets busy. Real life comes first, we aren’t going anywhere.

We are looking for active players:

  • Level 30+
  • 3.6K+ TP
  • 1800 cups
  • Use 6 war flags

Come check us out.

The Phoenix Warriors.

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2 Spots available, is one of them for you?

Come in and find out, we don’t bite.

Join and be member of Phoenix family :slight_smile:

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5 spots available. Time to fill with the right players.

Level 30+
1800 Cups
3.6K Defence TP
Use 6 war flags
Come check us out.
Free tacos on Tuesdays.

We have 5 beds available in our 30 bed family home, come in and make one yours

1 spot available come and join us for war and maybe stay a while.

Still looking for a active players.2 spots open.Any questions,please feel free to ask here or by Line
Line ID - indivision86

Looking for 5 members to come and join us.

Level 30+
1800 Cups
3.6K Defence TP
Use 6 war flags

Looking for 5 members

Line ID wumac1310 for any questions.

An established alliance with experienced and mid-level players.

We are looking for 5 members to come and join us.

One down four to go.

Look like you still have openings. I’m looking for a more cohesive alliance. Top TP just under 4K. Lvl 40. Would be interested in joining. I’m Mike5277 on E&P.

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@Mike5277 We would be happy to have you join us.

Great. Do I have to leave my current alliance to get an invite or how does that work?

Hi Mike,

Yes you will have to leave your current alliance before you can join us.

Search The Phoenix Warriors

Leader is me Sword of Omens.

I’m on nights today so will be around.

After 2 successful days 5 spots have become 3.

Come and join us.

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Just a bump up.

Looking for 2 active players to join us.

Due to a war jumper (signore90).

We have 2 spots open.

2 spots available. A good war win by the team and 6 flags down from the start.

Come join us, we won’t bite.

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