Lead by Yours Truly: RaZoR (aka BAT DADDY)

Newest Member BATMAN Lowlands 5min 18sec or link should take you to them:

Find out about BAT-TECH:

Latest Family Flyer:


Catch ya on the Down Low! Contact me anytime on LINE.


Currently 2 Top-100 teams, 1 very casual, several in middle, 2 growing. 5 COMPETATIVE TEAMS in total.

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Anyone can look at our banners and understand that we are here to kick some ***

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One spot available in Batman Returns!

We are a Top100 alliance even at 29 members so standard daily activity is required, titan flags and war hits should be used.

However we are extremely fun-oriented and dedicated to make sure we have fun playing this game. So frustrating, uptight micromanagement is not allowed from the door.

Check us out and let the fun times begin!


One spot available in Batman Returns, please check the original post for the requirements.

Our Top100 alliance Batman Dark Knights has a spot open.

Please apply via Line by sending your roster and troops to Vlad3000, mynameisAlexandra, or Az-davos


Want to take part in a Top100 Alliance?

Batman Dark Knights has one spot open. Apply via Line, send your roster and troops now to Vlad3000, mynameisAlexandra, or Az-davos

Filling 10 alliances with 300 warriors is a big project, Leonidas would be proud. While some alliances are full, you can position temporarily in an alliance while finding the right fit. Batman Vengeance has a number of openings. You can contact Line @DracoLovesRi to get the ball rolling. There’s no reason to :bat: alone.
(Note: speak Dutch? Check out Batman Lowlands)

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Sometimes the truth isn’t good enough, sometimes people deserve more. Sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded - with DaRkNeSS. the BATMAN FAMILY - come by and see us at Batman Vengeance! Cave is open.

Seeking 6 new members to join me at BATMAN VENGEANCE. Filling to 30 & heading north.

The BATMAN Family consists of over 200 BaTs, BaT Tech, direct access to RaZoR (aka BaT-DaDDY). 4 competative teams, see latest stats @

Also Reminder that RAID WAR 2020 is coming up in 2 weeks some of the best raiders in the game are participants - signup sheet LIVE & gives you multiple Heat sections over the 3 day initial event 6/12-14-2020 @

Can you take out last years Champions? Ken V & Volsfan of Last Regiment & Jereme82 of Batman Returns? Participating this year: uclapack, Zero, Deadlift, wormwood, Qboro and many more - get in on this. Free event hosted by yours truly!


To help you truly hardcore players! The games most used external tool the CLASS NODE BOM(b) in addition to a dozen other free utilities of the GuiLDWare Suite (FREE):

BORED? This might excite you then…


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Updated Ideal Requirements!

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