BATMAN FAMILY of Alliances (Sept 2020)

We are Seeking Leisure & Competitive Players for 8 teams

The Regular & Leisure Teams:
(not necessarily listed in that order, its a good guess though)


The Competitive Teams:
Seeking to find a common seat among our Top-100 Leader-board

  1. BATMAN RETURNS has already found its place an reached #1 though briefly in Aug 2020
  2. BATMAN DARK KNIGHTS are regulars
  3. BATMAN [11H] rEdRuM is nearing the goal
  4. BATMAN LOWLANDS moving its way up

Each Alliance has their own set of requirements and play-style. Three of the Four Competitive Teams follow a very loose & general set of strategy Guidelines (the CORE TEAMS).

Everything is Negotiable. Having a Bench of 5* and 23 Level Troops may be common for a fine tenured player. It however doesn’t guarantee the ‘fine’ part. Ha ha. You may be exceptional at hero pairing, an insane tiler, knowledgeable in specific areas of war, titans or even keen in regards to the slipstreams and pockets within the game! Or any combination therein that bypasses sited ‘desired’ hero depth, TP, troop levels & their depths tertiary.

For me/us Attitude is everything.

Real life happens and we accommodate this! Having players available on reserve for substitution and full-time team member replacement players is also available via our VACATION HOME Alliance(s). At this level, there tends to be some turnover.


Extremely strong Team Synergy with existing players - a high comfort level with Brother and Sister Bats is a must. Not looking for a body, we are seeking players who wish to be part of a fellowship. Complete Transparency with inventory. Egos - They are truly dropped at the Cave entrance. So if you're not a fit after a bit - we part. All good.

For you competitive players: Ideally you have been exposed to Waring in the Top-100 (not required) and realize its a bit of a commitment in particular to Titans (14* HP Monsters for the Comp Teams). If you are able to contribute across 2 or more elements within the top 50% of our team (not too hard to do) is Golden.

There are NO minimum requirements on Titan Contribution points and I plan to keep it that way - we have a self-evaluating system in place for each of us to take advantage of for improvement. We have leveling plans and individuals dedicated to assisting each other. There are no specific Heroes you need to own to join us. No particular hero guarantees anything.

The CORE TEAM War roles are defined by tiers for OS/Cleans based on performance averages over time, adjusting each pre-war. It’s your choice to take the voluntary role assignment or choose above or below the tier optionally.



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