🌑 Bastet – Season 5 Hero – 5* Dark / Purple: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Pretty much. But I have no Xnol nor Hulda, so kitty will be my choice once I get the mats. Actually S3 and S4 5* purples mostly evaded me, but from S5 I have Khepri, Khonshu and now Bastet.

The thing with Bastet is she does AoE 220% damage, which is a lot for fast speed (remember when Morel had his damage nerfed in beta because it was too much? Which was about year ago? Yeah). Factor in she can do another hit for 70% half of the time and she can grind you down as a tank while your attacks keep missing. Of course she needs some support heroes, but I can see her being pretty annoying.


Good week for me, 17 pulls with khonshu on the 4th pull, and bastet on the last ! :grinning:

  • damas blade in the portal chest :grinning:

This little cat seams very good in first test in raid

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I didn’t add my emblem path above, went completely opposite of @JekylandHyde full defense/HP. She hits for around 300-350.


So with full-def path she has HP like Groot and still plenty of attack. Nice. Great tank definitely.



Is this kitten better than Xnolphod as a tanker? I use Xnol as a tanker. If Xnol is better, I will use this cat for attack team, so the emblem path will be attack>def >health way. If this is better than Xnol as a tanker, emblem path will be def>health>attack way. What do you think?

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If you use normal formation xno it’s still the best option (this mean and for war defence) heal + the mana from xno it’s still the best, the kitty hit really good but his second ability it’s not so strong for tank, this 5% deff up it’s coming after dodge and you are not sure if there will have dodge.


Anyone currently testing her on defense? As tank? CKadilen was a popular tank for a while but fell off. Will Bastet bring back the dodge tank or is she better going full attack and putting on a flank/wing?

Your analysis helped me a lot. Thanks.

Okay tried 5 more summons and still nothing… now I am done xD

So far for me it’s been about even or a hair worse than xnol as far as holding cups. I’m going to give it more time, rearrange some things around her and keep testing. That said, I think xnol is a better tank just based on what I’m seeing so far.


In regards to her Vs Xman at tank I think it depends on the rest of your team synergy. If it’s a lot of fast & VF heroes already I think the mana boost from Xman isn’t as needed and I’d go with da puddy cat. If you’re using the likes of Khufu though and relying on the squid to speed him up I’d still use Xno.

For me I prefer him as flank. Has anyone tried him beside a Kullervo tank? Or maybe a Arco tank with Penolite wing and him in between?


I don’t have Xno so I will use her like tank because for me she it’s better option than Hannah, I think to use this team once the kitty and El Nadda it’s maxed

I will use full attack for her, even with full attack patch she have really good deff for a fast hero

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Xnol shines in regular formation and depending on how strong his allies are. If his allies are strong attack oriented, 70% times he is going to win your defense. On Offense I think both can pair well too.
Dodger as tank is not a great option in my opinion. Even if it fires, we can tile it to death; protect our team with taunters, healers or def buffers or dodgers, buy time and win the attack.
The 70% additional damage can also be a good case for using the kitty on defense. As far as i know the S5 ability fire almost always.
I would not replace Xnol if he is servicing you well already.


Look at those stats . Congrats on the pull

Exactly. Sure ckadi is annoying on defense but I don’t even use her on offense, the dodge is unreliable and seems much lower %.

With 2 xnols, b4st4rd kitty isn’t going to be on my defense and probably won’t use for offense facing dark tanks even with some nice stats.

Roster dependent but currently I’m not even using many of my dark LB heroes like nyx, cpanther, khonshu, hel, onyx.

She would be good after cpanther but wouldn’t a dupe panther be more effective for damage?

Was working on louhi, so I’m really trying to understand what is so good about this hero.

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This hero it’s good for this without Xnophold like me, nothing more less, also his damage it’s much more better than c.Kadilen.

Thanks for your analysis. It helped me a lot.

Dupe cPanther would be better for damage, but still won’t kill enemy heroes unless you use a buffer or another hitter.

I’m finding her useful paired with cPanther as the off color in a 3-2. While does less damage than a second panther, she still provides good damage and helps buy time to find more strong tiles in the other color.