🐙 Basil – 3* Fire / Red from Abyss Hunters

I got this guy but I don’t understand him exactly. I mean, I get his skills, but the fact it has counterattack with the defense + shared damage, means the enemy inflicts less damage upon themselves, right?

I can always remember you should not use Elena with Wilbur, and this is the same scenario but with one hero instead of 2… so I don’t get it, or am I missing something?


Only use I see is against Treevil in VF. Rat first: Treevil takes some damage and then riposte works on other enemies. Rat second: fixes Treevil’s def down.

Still not good though

I got him and fed him away.
Not designed well… share + reflect not a good option

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That is very unfortunate to hear. Basil is a nice hero, he’s like 2 heros in one a twofer so to speak. I really like this little guy. I sure hope you get the hero you were after instead when you pulled him.


Yeah i got the other day, not in any rush to level will keep for the time being


Where can I go to get the stats for all heroes that are fully leveled? I have EP Toolbox and E&P Guide but can’t get all heroes full stats. For instance I am trying to decide if I want to keep 3* Basil but I Can’t find his stats on either of the website I have above.

I think the scaling riposte is supposed to compensate for lower damage due to the scaling defense up. The shared damage means you are 100% correct, he is not great vs. snipers.

As said below you comment and above mine, Basil is excellent vs Treevil and perhaps Greel or that green hero that looks like the snot ghost from Ghostbusters (Goopy).

3* so “cheap” to level and will be nice in rush tournaments where the passives will also shine. Newbies could use him farming but for most players he’ll be consigned to 3* Rush Tournaments, best is of course no Blue so he can be on attack and defense because 3* Blue Bard Jokkkkskkk (you know the one I mean, Joukahainen) has priority dispel.

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I’ll be Top 1% with Basil as my tank

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