Basic user guide, info website

. This forum is great for personal opinions with occassional Dev input but finding info could certainly be easier. Like an e&p website from SG. Rules, scoring, heros, war, Titans, all easily found through links as a base of information without all the talk.


Try here first. There are tons of great info, and most people post the guide at the top, so you don’t have to scroll through everything. Once you get through there we can point you to other sources. has hero cards.

The wiki is fabulous.

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I’ve pushed some on this point with @petri. SGG’s position is that the trend is for game developers to have minimalist websites. I think this is a mistake; having a robust website with lots of info could be a competitive advantage, especially with a game as complex as this.


Lack of information and transparency seems to be the root of most of SG’s issues. I can’t see how they think that is a good trend to follow.