Based on 4* Heros - what's the max dmg to the titans?

Hi there!

I don’t mention on 5* as they will take a longer time to fully level.
May I know what’s the damage we can deal if we are using 4* Heros?
And what kind of tools you will be bringing?

I had 1 shot that hit 60k with all 4* heroes and against 8* Titan. (Which I have a very good board to start with)
But what’s the average hits we are looking at? I am looking at 30k / per hit - is this achievable?

My main intention is to have Wu, Healer + 3 similar colors to hit the titans.

What’s your strategy to hit them hard and your heroes r able to last the whole game? (Or at least the heroes are able to use their skill 1x before they are dead)

Any suggestions will be good.

I average perhaps 20K (? not sure) on 9* titans using only common 4* heroes and not many/expensive battle items.
Good heroes I select from: Rigard, Tiburtus, Boldtusk, Gormek, Scarlett, Grimm, Kiril, Wu Kong, Chao, Little John, Melendor. Double up on the strong strong color against titan, I always take Wu Kong.

Yes, 30k average is attainable. I’ve averaged 40k per hit on 8/9* with some item use. Except Blue titans… then you’re going to be more around the 25k average with 4 stars.

Thanks guys -
For 20k, yes manage to get that range with double cols and having Wu involve.
but with 30k - i believe you need to use triple similar col against the titan. Did you use triple cols to attack it? I thought to have 30k per hit, it have to be triple col with Wu / cut the titan defense then only possible to hit it.

40k? There’s alot of dmg involve.

Currently we are attacking 7* / 8* at times - for 8* i somehow struggle without using a lot of 2~3* items use. (sometime even w/ 2 hits, my hero get kill which i need time to heal them) so if it’s possible to hit 30k with only 4* heroes even in 9*. it will be great.

I’ve done 62K on a 10* using only 4*s. Boltusk, Grimm, Wu Kong, Jackal, Jackal vs a purple. Average is probably ~20K though.

I did 98,000 damage to 9* Snake Tart (Gorgon Queen) using Gormek Falcon Colen Natalya (only 3/70) and Wu. 5 70s.

Thanks for all the comments. one thing i notice that certain titans (Purple Titan, Green, Red) should able to hit that much.
Wu / Jackal , Att Buff, Cut down Defense to really have that much of damage.

But 9* / 10* - how can you survive the hit? i mean just 8* alone, with 2 hits and you are dead - 4* heroes. of cause having that much of hit definitely required very good board. (My max hit is 63k with really good board against 8* titan)

but i think with the 4* heroes - the safest bet i can say 25k / hit is achievable without any special tools.

4* heroes only get consistently 1 shot once you reach 11-12* titans. Use turtle/dragon banners and/or arrow, axe or bomb attacks to keep your heroes alive for 2 hits.

42k without Wu.

Average 23k

Thanks guys for all the advice. :slight_smile: