Base, raid, titan, quest icons

Hello everyone,

I am just little curious if anyone else think, that icons could be more user friendly. Right now, there is quiet lot icons (include offers). My idea is to merge all icons to one “Navigation” which will bring you up some kind of pop up window. Right now, when I am at quests and need to go back to base in order to go to map. It would be nice, if there is always button “Navigation” where can I change screen directly. I know it isn’t critical but I would like more clear screens with some kind of navigation menu.

What would be included in the “Navigation” button?

As it is, there is already the navigation pane at the bottom of the screen when you’re in game.

I agree that all the offers buttons are annoying and get in the way & would be good to somehow either a) ignore them permanently or b) collate them all together…

Actually it is not only about offers for me. I would appreciate menu where you can go directly to season 1, season 2, titan, war, raid, tournament and all icons that are already at bottom menu. It could roll out from bottom. On every screen like “Base”, “Aliance”, “Season 1” I would click on that new icon and I could go directly anywhere by one click. Offers would be also more visible, because you would use this navigation all time. I think that it would make look of game more user friendly.