Base expansion, what now?

So I’m C2P although I’ve spent way more then I ever would consider spending on a game that you have no return from except for the fun of it. My roster is getting full of 4* and a bit of 5 * that will take me ages to max… I will have one TC 20 up and running in about a week one Tc 13 and 2 Tc 4. So… would You take any more TC’s to level 20 straight away or maybe get them to 13 or 19 and focus on getting feeder heros? My thinking is better to level the heros I already have than have a bunch of unleveld 4 and 5 stars gathering dust for months, would You agree?

Here’s my roster

Apparently you have a totally different perspective what c2p really is…but no matter. About your question - I suggest you bring all of your TC to level 11 at least. I don’t think you need to run TC20 at all because you have too many heroes as it is.

So as I see it, you have two options. Either not run TC20 at all, and run TC11 level training in three out of four TCs, with fourth one running the TC2 option while you have backpacks - then switch it to TC11 as well. Or you could be running TC20-TC11-TC11-TC2/11 trainings, with the main purpose of TC20 being food storage. However the second option will clog your hero roster even more with unleveled 4* and 5* heroes.

If you have enough food, I also would urge you to grind Rare-3 in the upcoming challenge event, which will give you ton of feeder heroes and a sufficient amount of backpacks. The feeders will help you level at least a couple of your heroes in only several days.


In your position, you need to focus on generating feeder heroes. From your 4 x TC, personally I would take three to level 11 and start generating feeders ASAP.

For your 4th TC take it to level 20 but consider using backpacks at lvl.2 first, particularly if you “farm” during Atlantis.

For levelling finish Rigard, Melendor and Boldtusk ASAP.


What would you consider C2P then? I can’t help myself sometimes I just love collecting new heros🤣 thanks for the responses I will get my TC’s to level 11, I don’t think I’ll need 2 TC level 19 because I’ll run out of rugged clothes before I can get to second TC19, I’m at 2100 of them, that’s only 35 hours of training assuming You have the ham for them.
I’m leveling Boldtusk and Rigard now, Melendor is at 3.60 so is his costume his just waiting for shields. Who would You level next I was thinking Grimm, Tiburtus, Gullinbursti/Lady Woolerton, Brynhild/Caedmon, Shadereave what do You think?

I don’t think I’ll need to research TC 20 for now, as You said to many heros as it is…

For your 4* heroes I would focus on levelling:
Rigard costume

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I second the advice @JGE has given. TC20 is only a priority if you had no 5* heros to work on. You have ample. Feeding multiple TC2 while AR is on is a great idea, then using multiple TC11s.

@Saros has given you sound advice too. Nothing to add. GL in your E&P journey.

Thank You all so much for the advice, I appreciate it. One last question… how long would it take to max a 4 star using TC 19?

I have no idea, as feeding off colour heros gives less exp, and Lvl 1 vs Lvl 2 feeders will also take you longer :thinking:. There are lots of clips of players power levelling desirable heros very quickly though.

The problem is the huge amount of food it would take. Here are some links for you to think about.

Speed Levelling

How to use your Training Camps

Good luck and happy gaming. :grinning:

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No. of 1* same-colored feeders required 932.29
No. of 1* off-colored feeders required 1,118.75

And since TC19 spews 1* feeder of various elements, it may take between 932 to 1,119 common heroes for your 4* hero to fully max.

How long, you ask? Depends on the availability of your food as producing common heroes in TC19 is expensive just for a measly 150-180 experience points, not to mention the cost of leveling and ascending the epic hero. Total food ascension cost is 847,000.

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@Gocalek this only shows that powerleveling using 1* feeders from TC19 is only available if you have already well-built economy with vast food income and also vast quantity of stored food or if you purchase a lot of food for gems. I don’t think that purchasing food for gems is worth it in any capacity probably barring the food crates that come from Path of Valor. But those aren’t even close to 12 million food…

However you can deploy the costume leveling trick to get at least some of your heroes to be useable fast. This will save you time, feeders and food.

C2P I consider someone who buys only the ViP and PoV pass. Anything above that is P2P or P2W.

As for heroes, other players have given their advice on which to level, but I will only add that: first assemble a rainbow 4* team, then start leveling heroes of one color. You already have at least one except a blue, so go for either Kiril or Boril. Usually Kiril is better, but seeing you have cMelendor and Boldtusk already, probably Boril first. It will serve as a good defense tank and will help you beat some tougher map and quest stages.

On this topic I disagree: First TC20 ist a good storage for recruits and food. so I would advice you to research and use this level. If you run an TC constantly on level 20 you wil get an average of 1-2 5* heros per month. Take dupes and unfavorabes like Horghall into account, you might get 3-4 you want to level per year.
The question is do you have the 4* ascension mats to level up 5* heroes like scopes, tabbards or poison darts. If you have them level your 5* heroes, if not level 4* heroes as fast as possible. Then you can win the last stages of the rare quests (Farholme pass, Morlovia etc.). There you can get the needed ascension mats.
An additional advice: there is no need for so many dupes. Keep 1 or 2 of every hero and use the others as feeders. Only 5* heroes you should preserve to process unneeded dupes in HA10.
Happy gaming

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